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1. Hector Babenco Hector Babenco Director, Carandiru
2. Fabián Bielinsky Fabián Bielinsky Writer, Nine Queens
3. Fernando Ramos da Silva Fernando Ramos da Silva Actor, Pixote Fernando was the star of only one film in his short life. He played Pixote - a street child - in Pixote. During his short period of fame, Fernando was seen as a symbol of hope for the Brazilian street kids. He grew up in a poor neighborhood of Diadema - a industrial city close to São Paulo - Brazil...
4. Raul Roulien Raul Roulien Actor, Flying Down to Rio The Latino singer and actor Raul Roulien worked briefly in Hollywood in the waning days of the American movies' embrace of the "Latin Lover", a phenomenon which once encouraged the Austria-born Jewish-American actor Jacob Krantz to change his name to He began recording in 1928 and grew in reputation as a theater actor and composer as well...
5. Elis Regina Elis Regina Soundtrack, Talk to Her
6. Carlos Reichenbach Carlos Reichenbach Cinematographer, Alma Corsária
7. Anselmo Duarte Anselmo Duarte Actor, Absolutamente Certo
8. Raul Cortez Raul Cortez Actor, Lavoura Arcaica
9. Josef Mengele Josef Mengele
10. Paulo Goulart Paulo Goulart Actor, Cama de Gato
11. Amácio Mazzaropi Amácio Mazzaropi Actor, A Banda das Velhas Virgens One of the most known and loved film artists in Brazil. He was an actor, director and producer who worked in, at least, 32 movie projects in within 1950 and early 1980's, when he passed away. Despite the fact that his movies were never well accepted by the film critics, his movies always sold out tickets to movie theaters...
12. Leila Lopes Leila Lopes Actress, Malhação
13. Manolo Otero Manolo Otero Actor, Mi querida señorita
14. Rogério Sganzerla Rogério Sganzerla Director, O Bandido da Luz Vermelha
15. Mário Aldrá Mário Aldrá Producer, Green Magic
16. Ênio Gonçalves Ênio Gonçalves Actor, Filme Demência Born in August 28, 1938 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul , Ernie majored in journalism and worked in over 40 films, starred in 20 novels and 50 plays . He studied film directing at the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome, Italy, and premiered at the theater in "All Nudity Shall Be Punished" ...
17. Jean Garret Jean Garret Director, Excitação
18. Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias Cinematographer, A Herança
19. Thales Pan Chacon Thales Pan Chacon Actor, Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
20. Dias Gomes Dias Gomes Writer, The Given Word
21. Márcio Araújo Márcio Araújo Composer, Turma da Mônica em Cinegibi, O Filme
22. Gaó Gurgel Gaó Gurgel Actor, Futebol em Família
23. John Herbert John Herbert Actor, Três Irmãs John's parents were Hans Buckup (b. 1902) and Kitty. He has a brother: Achim (b. 1931) and a sister: Ursula (b. 1934). He's descendant from Germany and English. He studied Law. He has a daughter and a son with actress Eva Wilma: Vivien (b. 1956) and John Herbert Junior (b. 1958). Vivien is a cinema director and has two sons: Miguel and Mateus...
24. Dondinho Nascimento Dondinho Nascimento Self, Pelé Eterno
25. Fausto Fanti Fausto Fanti Actor, Hermes e Renato
26. Joffre Soares Joffre Soares Actor, Summer Showers
27. Rubens de Falco Rubens de Falco Actor, Pixote He began his career making theater. In 1955, he integrated the group "Os Jograis", of São Paulo, beside Ruy Afonso, Italo Rossi and Felipe Wagner. In 1952 he made a debut at the movie theater, in a tip in the film Apassionata, for the fabled Cinematographic Company Vera Cruz. In television, he had prominence parts in soap operas such as "O Rei dos Ciganos" (1967)...
28. Jair Rodrigues Jair Rodrigues Self, Jovens Pra Frente
29. Samuel Reoli Samuel Reoli Composer, Mamonas Pra Sempre
30. Jece Valadão Jece Valadão Actor, Encarnação do Demônio
31. Geraldo Del Rey Geraldo Del Rey Actor, Black God, White Devil Geraldo Del Rey was born in Ilhéus, Brazil and studied dramatic art at university in Salvador. While studying he was approached by director Anselmo Duarte to play the role of Handsome in the movie The Given Word, one of the most important Brazilian movies of all time. He was nicknamed "the Brazilian Alain Delon" due to his resemblance to the famous French actor...
32. Lima Barreto Lima Barreto Writer, Cangaceiro
33. Zé Rodrix Zé Rodrix Composer, Meu Nome Não É Johnny
34. Adilson Pancho Adilson Pancho Actor, O Príncipe
35. Maria Aparecida Baxter Maria Aparecida Baxter Actress, A Vida Quis Assim
36. Walter Forster Walter Forster Actor, Amor Estranho Amor
37. Helena Samara Helena Samara Actress, Como Consolar Viúvas
38. Ricardo Bandeira Ricardo Bandeira Actor, O Menino Arco-Íris
39. Denoy de Oliveira Denoy de Oliveira Writer, O Baiano Fantasma
40. Walter Seyssel Walter Seyssel Actor, Cangaceiros de Lampião
41. Jorge Pires Jorge Pires Actor, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland
42. Paulo Autran Paulo Autran Actor, O Ano em Que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias
43. Maurice Vaneau Maurice Vaneau Actor, Carmem
44. Cauby Peixoto Cauby Peixoto Self, Cauby: Começaria Tudo Outra Vez
45. Márcia Maria Márcia Maria Actress, Os Apóstolos de Judas
46. Alberto Santos Dumont Alberto Santos Dumont Writer, Hidroplano Santos Dumont
47. Francisca Lopes Francisca Lopes Actress, Éramos Seis
48. Nello De Rossi Nello De Rossi Producer, Jeitosa, Um Assunto Muito Particular
49. Ariovaldo Pires Ariovaldo Pires Composer, No Rancho Fundo
50. João Paulo Ramalho João Paulo Ramalho Actor, Excitação
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