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1. Etta James Etta James Soundtrack, Back to the Future
2. Tony Owen Tony Owen Producer, Postmark for Danger
3. Norman Bartold Norman Bartold Actor, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
4. Robert Brubaker Robert Brubaker Actor, Seconds Robert Brubaker, son of George Brubaker and descendant of Jonas Sparks, a friend of frontiersman Daniel Boone, was born October 9, 1916 in Robinson, Illinois, a little town two hundred and ten miles south of Chicago and seven miles from the Wabash River. Probably the towns only claim to fame is that it's the home of Heath Candy Company...
5. Herb Voland Herb Voland Actor, Airplane!
6. Dedrick D. Gobert Dedrick D. Gobert Actor, Boyz n the Hood Black American supporting actor Dedrick D. Gobert's career was cut short when he was fatally shot during an argument at a drag race at a Southern California racetrack in late 1994. The 22-year-old made his film debut playing Dooky in John Singleton's _Boyz N the Hood (1991)_.
7. Lyn Thomas Lyn Thomas Actress, Space Master X-7 Indiana-born, Lyn Thomas acted on stage before she came to Hollywood in the late 40s, working under contract to Eagle Lion, Hal Wallis Productions and 20th Century-Fox and yet never catching the proverbial brass ring. Throughout the 1950s, she appeared in many B movies and TV series (including The Abbott and Costello Show...
8. Felix Nelson Felix Nelson Actor, The Ballad of Cable Hogue
9. Edith Evanson Edith Evanson Actress, Rope During the Golden Age of Hollywood there were an array of character actors who came out and perfected their craft alongside some of the era's most popular stars. Within that category is one Edith Evanson. She was born on April 28, 1898 in Tacoma, Washington, the daughter of a Protestant minister. In...
10. Georgie Nokes Georgie Nokes Actor, It's a Wonderful Life
11. Zola Taylor Zola Taylor Soundtrack, Why Do Fools Fall in Love
12. Michael Greer Michael Greer Actor, Messiah of Evil Michael Greer was an actor and comedian. His most famous role was as Queenie, the prison drag queen in Sal Mineo's stage and the Harvey Hart film versions of "Fortune and Men's Eyes" (Fortune and Men's Eyes), which dealt with sex in prison. Mr. Greer appeared as Don Johnson's friend in the 1960s cult film The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart...
13. Jean Engstrom Jean Engstrom Actress, Dead Man's Tale
14. Lester Fletcher Lester Fletcher Actor, The Piano Movers
15. Kathy O'Dare Kathy O'Dare Actress, Eat My Dust
16. Darwood Kaye Darwood Kaye Actor, The Big Premiere Darwood retired from acting in his teens. He became a Seventh-day Adventist minister. As such he spent 17 years in Thailand. At the time of his death he was part time pastor at La Sierra University Seventh-day Adventist Church in Riverside.
17. Russell Wade Russell Wade Actor, The Body Snatcher
18. Mary Scott Mary Scott Actress, Mr. Blanchard's Secret
19. Quintin Sondergaard Quintin Sondergaard Actor, This Property Is Condemned
20. Jane Burgess Jane Burgess Actress, The Prime Mover
21. Gil Lamb Gil Lamb Actor, The Love Bug Lean and lanky Gil Lamb should have been a professional contortionist. Every part of him seemed to be elastic. He could bend at the hip and jackknife to the floor, his head almost touching the ground, face turned sideways. That face was also peculiarly long and lugubrious. His 'fish-eyed' double-take became one of his trademarks...
22. Rebel Randall Rebel Randall Actress, Booby Dupes American actress of the 1940's and 50's, a former Esquire model and wartime pin-up girl. She got her start in Hollywood via a scholarship to the Max Reinhardt workshop on the strength of being 'The Coca Cola Girl' and elected 'ad queen of Chicago'. Her first starring role on stage was in 'Seventeen' in 1940...
23. Roland Harrah III Roland Harrah III Actor, Braddock: Missing in Action III
24. Patricia Lake Patricia Lake Self, Meet the Family
25. Darwyn Swalve Darwyn Swalve Actor, Barton Fink Darwyn (Dar) Swalve began in community theater and his dream was to be in a Broadway play. His acting agent Keith Wolfe placed Darwyn with actor-turned-agent, Morgan Paul, who had contacts in the theater, as well as films. Darwyn's dream of being in a Broadway show was realized when he landed a role in the award winning Broadway show...
26. Mary Ford Mary Ford Uncategorised
27. Helen Spring Helen Spring Actress, Willard
28. Regis Parton Regis Parton Stunts, The Monster Squad
29. Fred Scott Fred Scott Actor, The Singing Buckaroo
30. Maxine Jennings Maxine Jennings Actress, Mr. Wong, Detective
31. Maurice McDonald Maurice McDonald Uncategorised
32. William Meader William Meader Actor, Court Martial
33. Bob Duggan Bob Duggan Actor, Anchorman Overboard
34. El Duce El Duce Self, Du-beat-e-o El Duce was born Eldon Wayne Hoke on March 24, 1958 in Seattle, Washington. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hoke. Eldon had a brother named Steven and two sisters named Christina and Annetta. Hoke attended Roosevelt High School in Seattle, Washington. Bald, bearded, and portly, with a rough gravel voice...
35. Viola Richard Viola Richard Actress, Why Girls Love Sailors
36. Casey MacGregor Casey MacGregor Actor, Triggers in Leash
37. Lee Duncan Lee Duncan Miscellaneous Crew, The Return of Rin Tin Tin
38. James O'Connell James O'Connell Actor, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
39. Art Mix Art Mix Actor, Sagebrush Trail
40. George Bruce George Bruce Writer, The Corsican Brothers
41. Pat Harmon Pat Harmon Actor, The Freshman
42. Kay Frye Kay Frye Actress, Shamus
43. Fern Formica Fern Formica Actress, The Terror of Tiny Town
44. Leo Townsend Leo Townsend Writer, Night and Day
45. Claire Owen Claire Owen Actress, The Great Ziegfeld
46. Marvin Bryan Marvin Bryan Actor, Armored Car Writer/director/actor/announcer in radio & TV, 1946-1958, including leading roles on network programs such as Lux Radio Theater. Acted in motion pictures, 1952-58, then switched to film writing, production, and direction. Appointed Vice President, Campbell-Ewald advertising agency, 1977. Left this position in 1987 to write full time.
47. Ben Archibek Ben Archibek Actor, Night Moves
48. Clint Sharp Clint Sharp Actor, Judge Not
49. Robert McLane Robert McLane Actor, Up!
50. Eric Cleworth Eric Cleworth Animation Department, The AristoCats
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