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1. Edith Evanson Edith Evanson Actress, Rope During the Golden Age of Hollywood there were an array of character actors who came out and perfected their craft alongside some of the era's most popular stars. Within that category is one Edith Evanson. She was born on April 28, 1898 in Tacoma, Washington, the daughter of a Protestant minister. In...
2. Norman Bartold Norman Bartold Actor, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
3. Mary Scott Mary Scott Actress, Kings Row
4. Quintin Sondergaard Quintin Sondergaard Actor, Tombstone Territory
5. Roland Harrah III Roland Harrah III Actor, Braddock: Missing in Action III
6. Lester Fletcher Lester Fletcher Actor, The Reincarnation of Peter Proud
7. William Meader William Meader Actor, Footlight Rhythm
8. Eric Cleworth Eric Cleworth Animation Department, The AristoCats
9. Helen Spring Helen Spring Actress, Willard
10. Tom McDonough Tom McDonough Actor, The House on Telegraph Hill
11. Clint Sharp Clint Sharp Actor, Around the World in Eighty Days
12. Fred Rapport Fred Rapport Actor, Witness for the Prosecution
13. Gertrude Chorre Gertrude Chorre Actress, In Old California
14. Arthur E. Arling Arthur E. Arling Cinematographer, Pillow Talk
15. Julien Hug Julien Hug Self, The Bachelorette
16. George Bruce George Bruce Writer, The Corsican Brothers
17. Frank Cordell Frank Cordell Actor, The Texas Rangers
18. Barbara Faulkner Barbara Faulkner Actress, Stowaway to the Moon
19. Polly Chase Polly Chase Actress, Our Relations
20. Maxine Jennings Maxine Jennings Actress, Mr. Wong, Detective
21. Melville Shyer Melville Shyer Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Killers Melville (Buddy) Shyer was one of Hollywood's pioneer filmmakers. A "founding father" of the Directors Guild of America (DGA), Shyer had a career in the motion picture industry that spanned over 50 years and included work with such filmmaking icons as Mack Sennett and D.W. Griffith. The Dixie native with a sweet Southern drawl was born on September 28...
22. Leo Townsend Leo Townsend Writer, Night and Day
23. Lucien N. Andriot Lucien N. Andriot Cinematographer, And Then There Were None Beginning his Hollywood career in 1914 - after several years experience as a cameraman in France, starting with Zigomar the Eelskin - French-born Lucien Andriot was one of the most prolific of American cinematographers. A competent craftsman, he photographed some top-quality features, but most of his career was spent on "B" pictures and lower-level "A" films...
24. Chad Trower Chad Trower Stunts, The Adventures of Robin Hood
25. Renaud Hoffman Renaud Hoffman Director, Which Shall It Be?
26. Rod Wilmoth Rod Wilmoth Actor, Girl in Gold Boots
27. Nicolai Remisoff Nicolai Remisoff Art Director, Gunsmoke The son of actors in the Imperial Russian Theatre, Remisoff began as a political cartoonist and caricaturist. He attended the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in 1910, graduating in 1918 with honours. Forced to flee Russia (having fallen foul of the Bolshevist regime), he became chief designer for the Paris-based Chauve-Souris theatrical company...
28. Gilbert Warrenton Gilbert Warrenton Cinematographer, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
29. Margaret Willey Margaret Willey Actress, The Day of the Locust
30. Molly Magruder Molly Magruder Actress, Make Room for Daddy
31. Edward Woehler Edward Woehler Production Manager, Ben-Hur
32. Jerry Warner Jerry Warner Writer, Bowery Buckaroos
33. Ben Koenig Ben Koenig Producer, Ace Drummond
34. Jane Nordin Jane Nordin Animation Department, She-Ra: Princess of Power
35. Mark Hawley Mark Hawley Self, Human Sailboat
36. Aziz Ghazal Aziz Ghazal Producer, Zombie High Aziz Ghazal's beginnings as a filmmaker was when he attended USC Film School and ran the stock room for just over ten years. It was during this period that he made short films and had free use of the school's equipment to attempt to make his own films. During this period, Ghazal wrote and produced schlock horror film Zombie High and _Natural History Of Parking Lots (1990)_...
37. Lew Wood Lew Wood Self, Today
38. Howard Gardiner Howard Gardiner Actor, Samson and Delilah
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