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1. Emmanuel Yarborough Emmanuel Yarborough Actor, Dirty Movie
2. Dave Brockie Dave Brockie Actor, Empire Records
3. Marcus Goodrich Marcus Goodrich Writer, Night Waitress
4. Edmund Sylvers Edmund Sylvers Actor, Pinestock, U.S.A.
5. Fanny Belle DeKnight Fanny Belle DeKnight Actress, Hallelujah An African-American veteran performer who struggled in vain to build a film career following a top role in an early all-black musical, Fannie Belle DeKnight found herself in a dead end situation trapped in an unflattering, stereotyped role and her film career went nowhere. Best known for her benevolent...
6. Horace G. Brown Horace G. Brown Actor, In Old Chicago
7. Ellen Glasgow Ellen Glasgow Writer, In This Our Life
8. Muriel Smith Muriel Smith Actress, Moulin Rouge
9. Tommy Edwards Tommy Edwards Soundtrack, Rain Man
10. Alexandra Ripley Alexandra Ripley Writer, Episode #1.1
11. Amelia Adler Amelia Adler Self, Episode dated 10 April 1955
12. Vern Bickford Vern Bickford Self, 1949 MLB All-Star Game
13. Norman Blalock Norman Blalock Actor, Ashes and Embers
14. Dika Newlin Dika Newlin Actress, Creep A child prodigy, Dika Newlin graduated from the University of Michigan at the age of sixteen and earned her doctorate in Music from Columbia University at the age of twenty-two. She studied piano with Rudolf Serkin, Artur Schnabel and, most famously, with Arnold Schoenberg. She taught at a number of institutions of higher learning...
15. Liz Marks Liz Marks Casting Department, The Contender
16. Betty Ann Grove Betty Ann Grove Self, Episode dated 15 December 1959
17. Johnny Oates Johnny Oates Self, 1997 MLB All-Star Game
18. George A. Minor George A. Minor Soundtrack, Just Cause
19. Kevin Grantz Kevin Grantz Actor, The Contender
20. Dallas Anderson Dallas Anderson Actor, The Fordington Twins
21. Nedra Tyre Nedra Tyre Writer, To Love and to Cherish
22. Ray Easterling Ray Easterling Self, Atlanta Falcons vs. Los Angeles Rams Rau Easterling played for the Atlanta Falcons from 1972 to 1979, helping to lead the team's "Gritz Blitz" defense in 1977 that set the NFL record for fewest points allowed in a season. Easterling played football in college at the University of Richmond. He was drafted by the Falcons with the 9th round pick in 1972 and played for seven years...
23. Charles Münch Charles Münch Soundtrack, Apt Pupil
24. Lewis F. Powell Jr. Lewis F. Powell Jr. Self, Justice Lewis Powell, Jr.
25. Oliver Hill Oliver Hill Actor, The House Behind the Cedars Oliver White Hill was born in Richmond, VA in 1907. When his parents divorced and his mother remarried, he took the surname of his step-father and became legally known as Oliver White Hill. Hill attended Howard University, where he earned his undergraduate degree, and Howard University School of Law where he earned his law degree and where he became life-long friends with Thurgood Marshall...
26. Del Driver Del Driver Actor, The Contender
27. Benjamin 2X Benjamin 2X Self, Seven Songs for Malcolm X
28. Percy Curtis Percy Curtis Actor, Age of Innocence
29. Ronnie Sox Ronnie Sox Uncategorised
30. Claudia Emerson Claudia Emerson Self, Claudia Emerson
31. Rebecca Yancey Williams Rebecca Yancey Williams Writer, The Vanishing Virginian
32. McNight Malmar McNight Malmar Writer, The Victim
33. Margaret Prescott Montague Margaret Prescott Montague Writer, Linda
34. Jim Hillgartner Jim Hillgartner Actor, The Stepford Husbands
35. Merrill Pasco Merrill Pasco Self, MacArthur
36. Carl L. Sitter Carl L. Sitter Self, Korean War Stories
37. Thomas Dycus Thomas Dycus Actor, The City He was a Korean War veteran and after returning from the war went into radio broadcasting. First in Galveston, TX and then after marrying and having his four children, Thomas Louis III b.1960, Matthew Gregory b1961, Regina (Gina) Cecilia b.1963, and Elizabeth (Liz)Frances b.1965. with his wife Shirley b.1935...
38. Howard Baugh Howard Baugh Self, Silver Wings & Civil Rights: The Fight to Fly
39. Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth Brown Self, Andrew Napolitano
40. Llewellyn Harrison Llewellyn Harrison Art Director, Fly by Night
41. Popsy Dixon Popsy Dixon Actor, Lotto Land
42. Ross Harman Ross Harman Self, The Gaskets, Loose Change Live
43. Lindsay Almond Jr. Lindsay Almond Jr. Uncategorised
44. Charles Manatt Charles Manatt Thanks, The Bride Wore Blood
45. Buck Nolan Buck Nolan Actor, Wilder Napalm
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