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1. Ross Martin Ross Martin Actor, The Wild Wild West Born in Grodek, Poland, Ross Martin grew up on New York City's Lower East Side. He spoke Yiddish, Polish, and Russian before even learning English and later added French, Spanish, and Italian to his amazing repertoire. Despite academic training (and receiving honors in) business, instruction, and law...
2. Lynda Wiesmeier Lynda Wiesmeier Actress, Teen Wolf
3. Budd Boetticher Budd Boetticher Director, 7 Men from Now Brilliant, distinguished American director, particularly of Westerns, whose simple, bleak style disguises a complex artistic temperament. The son of a wealthy hardware retailer, Boetticher attended Culver Military Academy and Ohio State University, where he excelled in football and boxing. Following his schooling Boetticher...
4. Casey Tibbs Casey Tibbs Actor, Breakheart Pass
5. Dai Vernon Dai Vernon Actor, The Magician
6. Wag Blesing Wag Blesing Actor, Tarantula
7. Sabrina Thibault Sabrina Thibault Producer, The Garage
8. King Zany King Zany Actor, Broadway or Bust
9. Charles LaVere Charles LaVere Actor, Here Comes the Groom Jazz pianist, saxophonist, trombonist, cornetist, accordionist, singer ("Maybe You'll Be There", a 1948 gold record)", arranger and composer (his first tune was the 1928 "Please Don't Go Away), educated at the College of Fine Arts and the University of Oklahoma. He had been a member, usually on alto sax...
10. John N. Graffeo John N. Graffeo Art Department, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
10 names.