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1. Gary Coleman Gary Coleman Actor, Movin' In Without a doubt Gary Coleman was THE child TV star of the late 1970s and early 1980s. A refreshingly confident little tyke with sparkling dark, saucer-like eyes and an ingratiating, take-on-anyone burst of personality, the boy charmed the pants right off of TV viewers the minute he was glimpsed in national commercials...
2. Joe De Santis Joe De Santis Actor, The Professionals
3. Bingham Ray Bingham Ray Thanks, This Film Is Not Yet Rated
4. Delos Jewkes Delos Jewkes Soundtrack, Dressed to Kill
5. Ivan Crosland Ivan Crosland Actor, The Miracles of Jesus
6. Olive Osmond Olive Osmond Self, Side by Side: The True Story of the Osmond Family
7. George Osmond George Osmond Miscellaneous Crew, Episode dated 12 May 1978
8. Beatrice Sparks Beatrice Sparks Writer, Go Ask Alice
9. Samuel W. Taylor Samuel W. Taylor Writer, Flubber
10. Scott Whitaker Scott Whitaker Writer, Ancient America Speaks Scott Whitaker's contributions to filmmaking were mainly as a story man and script writer, but he also directed some short films in a 22 year tenure with the film studio at Brigham Young University that he helped to establish. His education included English classes at George Washington University and cinema writing courses at the University of Southern California...
11. Ric Estrada Ric Estrada Art Department, Jetsons: The Movie
12. Bob Engemann Bob Engemann Soundtrack, Ransom Money
13. Tracy Hall Tracy Hall Self, The Loss of Nameless Things
14. Leslie Norris Leslie Norris Writer, Blackberries
15. Rex Berry Rex Berry Thanks, The Game of Their Lives: Pro Football's Wonder Years
16. William Neathery William Neathery Actor, Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here
17. DeVere Baker DeVere Baker Self, Episode #10.21
18. H.K. Baird H.K. Baird Actor, Fourth Witness: The Mary Whitmer Story
19. Robert Sauer Robert Sauer Soundtrack, The Reunion
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