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1. Lea De Mae Lea De Mae Actress, Loaded
2. Antonín Dvorák Antonín Dvorák Soundtrack, The Departed Antonin Dvorak was a son of butcher, but he did not follow his father's trade. While assisting his father part-time, he studied music, and graduated from the Prague Organ School in 1859. He also was an accomplished violinist and violist, and joined the Bohemian Theatre Orchestra, which was under the baton of Bedrich Smetana in 1860s...
3. Vera Chytilová Vera Chytilová Director, Daisies Vera Chytilová was born on February 2, 1929, in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). She studied philosophy and architecture in Brno for two years, then worked as a technical draftsman, a designer, a fashion model, a photo re-toucher, then worked as a clapper girl for Barrandov Film Studios in Prague. There she continued as a writer, actress, and assistant director...
4. Frantisek Vlácil Frantisek Vlácil Director, Marketa Lazarová
5. Jaroslav Dietl Jaroslav Dietl Writer, Nejlepsí zenská mého zivota
6. Harry O'Connor Harry O'Connor Stunts, The Perfect Storm
7. Karel Zeman Karel Zeman Director, The Sorcerer's Apprentice
8. Rudolf Hrusínský Rudolf Hrusínský Actor, The Cremator
9. Iveta Bartosová Iveta Bartosová Self, SuperSilvester 2009
10. Jaromil Jires Jaromil Jires Director, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
11. Karel Kachyna Karel Kachyna Director, The Ear
12. Elis Diamond Elis Diamond Actress, Anal Extreme Teens
13. Zbynek Brynych Zbynek Brynych Director, Transport z raje
14. Jirí Trnka Jirí Trnka Director, Ruka A graduate of Prague's School of Arts and Crafts, in 1936 he created a puppet theater, which was disbanded after the outbreak of WWII. During the war he designed stage sets and illustrated children's books. In 1945 he set up an animation unit with several collaborators at the Prague film studio; they called the unit "Trick Brothers." Trnka specialized in puppet animation...
15. Otomar Korbelár Otomar Korbelár Actor, Tezký zivot dobrodruha
16. Dana Medrická Dana Medrická Actress, Who Wants to Kill Jessie?
17. Otto Simánek Otto Simánek Actor, Pan Tau
18. Rudolf Pellar Rudolf Pellar Actor, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
19. Otakar Vávra Otakar Vávra Writer, Witchhammer
20. Bohumil Hrabal Bohumil Hrabal Writer, Closely Watched Trains
21. Elmar Klos Elmar Klos Director, The Shop on Main Street
22. Radoslav Brzobohatý Radoslav Brzobohatý Actor, The Ear
23. Milos Kopecký Milos Kopecký Actor, The Great Baron
24. Lyda Salmonova Lyda Salmonova Actress, The Golem
25. Václav Bedrich Václav Bedrich Director, Chlapíci
26. Jaroslav Marvan Jaroslav Marvan Actor, Angel in the Mountains
27. Vlasta Burian Vlasta Burian Actor, U pokladny stál
28. Jirí Sovák Jirí Sovák Actor, Kolya
29. Reinhard Heydrich Reinhard Heydrich Self, Triumph of the Will Reinhard Heydrich began his career as an officer in the post-World War I German navy. He was dishonorably discharged after becoming involved in an illicit love affair. The young woman became pregnant, but instead of marrying her, Heydrich met and soon got engaged to Lina von Osten. In 1930 Heydrich...
30. Vladimír Dlouhý Vladimír Dlouhý Actor, Give the Devil His Due
31. Michal Hofbauer Michal Hofbauer Actor, Zelary
32. Jindrich Polák Jindrich Polák Writer, Voyage to the End of the Universe
33. Norbert Auerbach Norbert Auerbach Self, Episode dated 4 February 1999
34. Josef Bláha Josef Bláha Actor, The Medal
35. Josef Kemr Josef Kemr Actor, Marketa Lazarová
36. Stella Zázvorková Stella Zázvorková Actress, Kolya
37. Josef Vinklár Josef Vinklár Actor, Andelská tvár
38. Bohumil Svarc Bohumil Svarc Actor, The Omen
39. Zita Kabátová Zita Kabátová Actress, Autumn Spring
40. Zdenek Stepánek Zdenek Stepánek Actor, Voyage to the End of the Universe
41. Zuzana Ondrouchová Zuzana Ondrouchová Actress, Blatácká povídacka
42. Jaroslav Papousek Jaroslav Papousek Writer, Loves of a Blonde
43. Michal Pesek Michal Pesek Actor, Od vrazdy jenom krok ke lzi
44. Jirí Kodet Jirí Kodet Actor, Cosy Dens
45. Frantisek Filipovský Frantisek Filipovský Actor, The House in Karp Lane
46. Bretislav Pojar Bretislav Pojar Director, Fimfárum 2
47. Hermína Vojtová Hermína Vojtová Actress, Marysa
48. Jirí Bruder Jirí Bruder Actor, Noise Above
49. Milos Macourek Milos Macourek Writer, Happy End
50. Pavel Jurácek Pavel Jurácek Writer, Late August at the Hotel Ozone
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