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1. Francois Duvalier Francois Duvalier Self, Aristide and the Endless Revolution Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to an immigrant family from Martinique, Francois Duvalier had always wanted to be a doctor, and after graduation he earned a medical degree and served as a doctor in many rural areas of Haiti, where he gained a reputation for showing the rural poor how to fight typhus and other fatal diseases...
2. Jean Dominique Jean Dominique Self, The Agronomist
3. Andre Kostelanetz Andre Kostelanetz Soundtrack, One Fine Day
4. Andre Roosevelt Andre Roosevelt Director, Kriss Andre Roosevelt was an entrepreneur and filmmaker who tried to develop the tourist industry in Bali in the 1920s in order to preserve the native culture by turning the island into a national park. As part of his aspirations, he wrote the screenplay for the 1932 film "Goona-Goona, An Authentic Melodrama" (aka Kriss) that, upon being released in America in 1932, created a Bali craze...
5. Walt Ratterman Walt Ratterman Thanks, Beyond the Call
6. François Latour François Latour Actor, Haiti Express
7. Francesco Fantoli Francesco Fantoli Actor, Mother and Daughter
8. Théodore Beaubrun Jr. Théodore Beaubrun Jr. Self, Voodoo
8 names.