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1. Murvyn Vye Murvyn Vye Actor, Road to Bali Born Marvin Wesley Vye, Jr., this Massachusetts-born, Yale-trained character actor was associated for a time with the Theatre Guild in the 1940s. Equipped with a tough-looking countenance and sturdy baritone, he was hired to originate the role of Jigger Craigin in the Guild's 1945 mounting of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Carousel," which also starred John Raitt and Jan Clayton...
2. Courtney Brown Courtney Brown Miscellaneous Crew, Jaws: The Revenge
3. Eduardo Cansino Eduardo Cansino Actor, The Voice in the Sky
4. Sidney W. Pink Sidney W. Pink Producer, Reptilicus
5. Raoul Kraushaar Raoul Kraushaar Music Department, Cabaret
6. Cyprian R. Dube Cyprian R. Dube Actor, Jaws: The Revenge
7. Lou Monte Lou Monte Soundtrack, Donnie Brasco
8. Kal Mann Kal Mann Soundtrack, The Help
9. Edmund Beloin Edmund Beloin Writer, My Favorite Brunette
10. Jacqueline Hoey Jacqueline Hoey Actress, Desperation Highway
11. Jeremiah Healy Jeremiah Healy Uncategorised
12. Clark MacGregor Clark MacGregor Uncategorised
13. Ed Walsh Ed Walsh Self, World Series Baseball Game
14. Wayne Howell Wayne Howell Self, Jackpot
15. Wilbur Snyder Wilbur Snyder Self, The Wrestler
16. Turk Harley Turk Harley Actor, Primal Rage
17. Mark Conn Mark Conn Self, Bob Foster vs. Dick Tiger
18. Arlene Burns Arlene Burns Actress, Vermillion Eyes
19. Curt Blefary Curt Blefary Self, Game 3
19 names.