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1. Karen Lamm Karen Lamm Actress, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
2. Frank Reicher Frank Reicher Actor, King Kong Though most famous as Capt. Englehorn, the ship captain who carried the expedition to an island to capture the great ape in King Kong--and its sequel, The Son of Kong--Frank Reicher had a long history as a stage actor and director, and film director, prior to his "Kong" appearances, and in fact has more than 200 film roles to his credit...
3. Santos Morales Santos Morales Actor, Scarface
4. Brigitte Burdine Brigitte Burdine Casting Director, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
5. William C. de Mille William C. de Mille Writer, Captain Fury William Churchill de Mille, the older brother of Hollywood legend Cecil B. DeMille (W.C. retained the family spelling of his name) and father of Tony Award-winning choreographer Agnes de Mille, was born in Washington, North Carolina, on July 25, 1878. His father, Henry C. DeMille, was a playwright who had six plays produced on Broadway from 1887 to 1890...
6. Alfred Reeves Alfred Reeves Production Manager, The Gold Rush Was an English musical-hall performer, who took 20 year old Charlie Chaplin under his wing, bringing him to America in 1910. One of their acts was entitled 'The Wow-wows, or A Night in a London Secret Society' in which Charlie appeared as a village busybody. It was at this time that he began developing...
7. Brandi Rose Brandi Rose Actress, Full Serve
8. William Douglas Lansford William Douglas Lansford Writer, Villa Rides
9. William Harris William Harris Actor, Color Me Blood Red
10. Ed Rothkowitz Ed Rothkowitz Editor, Everwood
11. Barney Kaelin Barney Kaelin Special Effects, Minority Report
11 names.