10 names.

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1. Bob Guccione Bob Guccione Producer, Caligula
2. Molly McClure Molly McClure Actress, Mrs. Doubtfire Born in Kentucky. Her mother passed away a week after she was born and she was adopted by an uncle and his wife. She was always attracted to acting and the stage and co-founded a theater company in her hometown of Paducah,Kentucky. She is divorced from Rush McClure. She raised three daughters on her own...
3. Stephen Katz Stephen Katz Writer, The Contract
4. Matt Osborne Matt Osborne Actor, Starrcade
5. Donna King Donna King Actress, The Hideous Sun Demon For many years, Donna performed with her sisters as "the King Sisters", using the middle name of their dad, William King Driggs. She married record producer, Jim Conkling, with whom she had 5 children: Candy Conkling, Jamie Conkling, Laurette Conkling, Xandra Conkling and Chris Conkling. In the 60's-70's, Donna and her family appeared on The King Family Show and toured with the family.
6. Merlyn Mantle Merlyn Mantle Self, Mantle
7. Mark Tuinei Mark Tuinei Self, Super Bowl XXX
8. Comer Cottrell Comer Cottrell Producer, Showtime at the Apollo
9. Joline Westbrook Joline Westbrook Actress, Johnny Doughboy
10. L. Sprague De Camp L. Sprague De Camp Miscellaneous Crew, Conan the Barbarian
10 names.