10 names.

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1. Pat Comiskey Pat Comiskey Actor, Gun Battle at Monterey
2. Stephen Ellsworth Stephen Ellsworth Actor, Screaming Mimi
3. Charles R. Bowers Charles R. Bowers Director, Now You Tell One Charley Bowers led an extraordinary life even prior to getting involved with motion pictures. Supposedly kidnapped by circus performers at age six, he became an accomplished tightrope walker before returning home two years later. He did all types of work over the years, including circus jobs, theatrical work...
4. Lou Duva Lou Duva Self, WrestleMania 2
5. Desmond Flynn Desmond Flynn
6. Forrest Orr Forrest Orr Actor, Rainbow Island
7. Charles Weinberg Charles Weinberg Soundtrack, The Leatherneck
8. Garret A. Hobart Garret A. Hobart Self, President McKinley's Inspection of Camp Wikoff
9. James A. Feury James A. Feury Self, With Byrd at the South Pole
10. C.W. Stowell C.W. Stowell Actor, The Ramparts We Watch
10 names.