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1. Candice Rialson Candice Rialson Actress, The Eiger Sanction Lovely, radiant, enticing and charismatic blonde Candice Rialson was perhaps the most dynamic and personable actress to appear in enjoyably trashy drive-in pictures throughout the 70s. After making her film debut in an uncredited bit as a bikini-clad beauty on the beach in The Gay Deceivers, the pert 'n' perky Candice enlivened a bunch of choice down 'n' dirty exploitation features: she was a naive...
2. Mike Lane Mike Lane Actor, The Harder They Fall
3. Raymond Hatton Raymond Hatton Actor, The Hunchback of Notre Dame The son of a physician, Raymond Hatton entered films in 1909, eventually appearing in almost 500 other pictures. In early silents he formed a comedy team with big, burly Wallace Beery. He was best known as the tobacco-chewing, rip-snorting Rusty Joslin in the Three Mesquiteers series. He was also in the Rough Riders series and appeared as Johnny Mack Brown's sidekick as well...
4. Ralph Richeson Ralph Richeson Actor, Hancock
5. Gary DeVore Gary DeVore Writer, Raw Deal
6. Paul Baxley Paul Baxley Stunts, RED Paul Baxley was born in Casper Wyoming in 1923. Growing up in Los Angeles, he went on to become an all-city quarterback and track star at Eagle Rock High. A Marine, a Scout and Sniper in the 4th Division in World War II, he fought on Kwajalein (Roi-namur), Iwo Jima, Saipan and Tinian. He received Two Purple Hearts...
7. Dick Rich Dick Rich Actor, Perry Mason
8. John Amour John Amour Actor, Days of Our Lives
9. Patrick Wright Patrick Wright Actor, Track of the Moon Beast Patrick M. Wright was a gruff, burly and intimidating constant presence in an alarmingly large volume of delightfully down'n'dirty drive-in exploitation pictures made in the 70s. Patrick was born on November 28, 1939 in San Francisco, California. Stocky and strong-looking, with a thick mustache, a mass of curly brown hair...
10. Ed Levitt Ed Levitt Animation Department, Fantasia
11. Clarence White Clarence White Actor, The Farmer's Other Daughter
12. Frances Hatton Frances Hatton Actress, Lovetime
13. Norma McClure Norma McClure Actress, The Mack
14. Gale Henry Gale Henry Actress, Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in the Great Egg Robbery Eccentric, big-nosed, lugubrious-faced purveyor of silent screen slapstick, at one time billed as 'the elongated comedienne'. She was even suggested to have served as the model for 'Olive Oyl' of Popeye comic strip fame. An actual cartoon version of her was in fact featured in the British publication Film Fun...
15. Ross Gallichotte Ross Gallichotte Art Department, Over the Top
16. Karen S. Paat Karen S. Paat Animation Department, Aladdin
17. Paul Murry Paul Murry Animation Department, Fantasia
18. Adrian Gonzales Adrian Gonzales Art Department, RoboCop: Alpha Commando
19. Robert Wilson Robert Wilson Self, American Bandstand
20. Ernie Rosecrans Ernie Rosecrans Music Department, Jaws Ernie Rosecrans (Ernest, Eugene Rosecrans, 1919-2000) was one of the old guard, music copyists in the Hollywood, Los Angeles area for some fifty years. A music copyist trade is working with composers, editing, transposing and rewriting the composer's work by hand for each part in the orchestra so it can be preformed...
21. J. Russel Robinson J. Russel Robinson Soundtrack, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
22. Lucille Battle Lucille Battle Actress, Lady Luck
23. Rory Markas Rory Markas Actor, Grace Under Fire
24. Freddie Gorman Freddie Gorman Soundtrack, Mean Streets
25. Rexford Burnett Rexford Burnett Actor, The Master Cracksman
26. Brett Newkirk Brett Newkirk Special Effects, Firestorm
27. Carlyle Ellis Carlyle Ellis Director, Home-Keeping Hearts
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