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1. Ron Palillo Ron Palillo Actor, One Life to Live At 14, Ron Palillo started his own summer theater in Cheshire, Connecticut. His parents,Gabriel and Carmel Palillo,were surprised when the summer theater actually made money. After graduating from high school, Ron went to the University of Connecticut at Storrs, where he majored in drama. He appeared in many school plays in college...
2. Mike Douglas Mike Douglas Self, The Incredible Shrinking Woman
3. Bill Kennedy Bill Kennedy Actor, Mr. Skeffington "...And who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way!" Remember that familiar voice on TV's Adventures of Superman? That belonged to Bill Kennedy. Kennedy's moneymaker was in his rich, resonant voice...
4. Rik Van Nutter Rik Van Nutter Actor, Thunderball
5. Lili Damita Lili Damita Actress, Fighting Caravans Lili was a French Actress who is remembered more for who she married than the movies she appeared in. When the sound revolution came into Hollywood, the studio's scrambled to find actors who could speak lines and record well. It was at this time that Lili burst on the scene. While her accent would always be very noticeable...
6. George Murphy George Murphy Actor, This Is the Army After giving up college, George Murphy decided to become a dancer. Since 1927 was he with his wife and partner Julie Johnson on Broadway, since 1934, after his wife retired from show business, in Hollywood, where he worked with Shirley Temple, Eleanor Powell, Fred Astaire, and Ronald Reagan. A Republican since 1939...
7. Harold Rosson Harold Rosson Cinematographer, The Wizard of Oz Harold G. "Hal" Rosson, a cinematographer known for his subtle and imaginative lighting, was born in Genaseo, New York, on August 24, 1895, although some sources cite his birthday as April 6, 1895, or in 1889. Rosson entered the movie industry in 1908 as an actor at the Vitagraph Studios in Brooklyn...
8. Lee Kinsolving Lee Kinsolving Actor, Black Leather Jackets Gifted, poetic actor who never fulfilled his potential. The son of an Episcopal minister and the eldest of four, Kinsolving began acting after his first year of college. A Method actor, Kinsolving studied under Mary Welch of the famed Actors Studio in New York. After a short turn on Broadway, he was signed by agent Richard Clayton...
9. Dennis Hoey Dennis Hoey Actor, Terror by Night Character actor in early-30's UK films who then enjoyed a career in Hollywood from the late 30's through earlier 50's.
10. George Keymas George Keymas Actor, Eye of the Beholder
11. Lynn Merrick Lynn Merrick Actress, A Close Call for Boston Blackie In 1940, a blonde, sultry-looking model from Fort Worth, Texas,(birth name Marilyn Llewelling)calling herself Marilyn Merrick, was cast in two Warner Bros. features and one short. She also had a role in "Dr. Christian Meets the Women (RKO)", and one of the two leading ladies opposite Johnny Mack Brown in in "Ragtime Cowboy Joe(Universal)." The WAMPAS Baby Stars...
12. Morton Downey Morton Downey Self, Episode #1.39 Pianist, songwriter ("Wabash Moon"), composer, singer and businessman, educated in public schools and at Lyman Hall. He began his singing career in a Greenwich Village movie theatre, and was later a vocalist for the Paul Whiteman orchestra aboard the SS Leviathan. In 1927, he toured Europe and then opened his own night club...
13. Mary Duncan Mary Duncan Actress, City Girl Mary Duncan went to Hollywood after critics praised her acting in the lead in "The Shanghai Gesture" on Broadway. While making Five and Ten (1931), she became friends with the film's lead, Marion Davies. The two attended a polo match, where Davies introduced Duncan to Stephen "Laddie" Sanford, an international polo star and director of the Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company...
14. Tim Richmond Tim Richmond Actor, Stroker Ace The inspiration for the movie Days of Thunder, Tim Richmond earned the nickname Hollywood Tim because of his passion to become an actor, a bug that bit him during a cameo appearance in the movie Stroker Ace with Burt Reynolds. But Richmond became most famous for his explosive rise and tragic fall in NASCAR racing...
15. Sheilah Graham Sheilah Graham Self, John Wayne
16. Bhetty Waldron Bhetty Waldron Actress, Hit Man
17. Joseph Jefferson Joseph Jefferson Writer, Rip Van Winkle
18. Curt Gowdy Curt Gowdy Self, Summer Catch
19. Captain Haggerty Captain Haggerty Actor, Married to the Mob
20. Marie Lombardi Marie Lombardi Self, Super Bowl XV
21. Herbert B. Swope Jr. Herbert B. Swope Jr. Producer, The Bravados
22. Eugenia Paul Eugenia Paul Actress, Ursula
23. Bill Carter Bill Carter Actor, Il pianeta degli uomini spenti
24. Brett King Brett King Actor, Battleground
25. Ethel Smith Ethel Smith Soundtrack, Dirty Dancing Ethel Smith graduated from Carnegie Tech, having majored in piano. She got a job as an organist in California, and then went to Rio de Janeiro for a four-week booking. She ended up staying much longer, and it was an Argentinian dance hall beat that inspired her most popular song, "Tico Tico." She returned to the United States during WWII...
26. Frank Chirkinian Frank Chirkinian Self, Tin Cup
27. Richard LePore Richard LePore Actor, In Harm's Way
28. Steve Mizerak Steve Mizerak Actor, The Color of Money
29. Marten Lamont Marten Lamont Actor, Pride and Prejudice
30. William Roy William Roy Actor, Hangmen Also Die! Not a well remembered child film actor, William Roy is better remembered as a pianist, accompanist, songwriter, singer and musical director. During the last several decades Roy prepared renowned cabaret shows for nightclub stars, notably the luminous Julie Wilson. With Wilson he put together "songbook" shows that honored the American theatre in tribute to such composers as George Gershwin...
31. George Barnes George Barnes Actor, The Cat's Paw
32. Johnny Brogna Johnny Brogna Actor, Devil's Canyon
33. Tom Eyen Tom Eyen Writer, Dreamgirls
34. Betty Luster Betty Luster Actress, Mr. B Natural
35. Devon Barry Devon Barry Actor, Boy Band
36. Marion Sayers Marion Sayers Actress, Ghost Parade
37. Sally De Marco Sally De Marco Self, Greenwich Village
38. Howard Erskine Howard Erskine Actor, Zelig
39. Horst P. Horst Horst P. Horst Miscellaneous Crew, That Man: Peter Berlin
40. Arthur Somers Roche Arthur Somers Roche Writer, Star of Midnight Mystery thriller writer Arthur Somers Roche was born in Somerville, Massachusetts. He was the son of James Jeffry Roche, a prominent Irish-American author, journalist and diplomat and Mary Frances Halloran, a native of Massachusetts who died of pneumonia in 1885, some months shy of her thirtieth birthday...
41. Tony De Marco Tony De Marco Self, Greenwich Village
42. Howard G. Minsky Howard G. Minsky Producer, Love Story Howard Minsky began his career in the entertainment business during the silent movie era selling reels of film door to door. Breaking into Hollywood, Minsky went on to a career as an executive for both 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures. From there he went to work for the William Morris Agency as a talent agent, leaving the firm in the 1960s to produce the film "Love Story."
43. Celia Lipton Celia Lipton Actress, Calling Paul Temple
44. W.A. Bishop W.A. Bishop Self, Captains of the Clouds William Avery 'Billy' Bishop was born on 8 February 1894 in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, to William and Margaret Bishop. He was the middle of three children. Billy had a tough time of it in school as he had a slight lisp and preferred swimming, horse riding and the company of young ladies to team sports and academics...
45. Leigh Allen Leigh Allen Actor, Double Harness
46. Gary Carter Gary Carter Self, 2008 MLB All-Star Game
47. Gertrude Musgrove Gertrude Musgrove Actress, The Divorce of Lady X
48. Robert Goelet Jr. Robert Goelet Jr. Producer, Rapture
49. Henry Ginsberg Henry Ginsberg Producer, Giant
50. Frank Torre Frank Torre Self, 100 Years of the World Series Frank Torre, the older brother of 1971 National League Most Valuable Player and long-time major league manager Joe Torre, was a slick-fielding first baseman on the Milwaukee Brewers in the 1950s. Frank played on both of the Braves pennant winners, the 1957 team that beat the Yankees in the World Series...
1-50 of 142 names.