43 names.

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1. John Inman John Inman Actor, Are You Being Served?
2. Nancy Roberts Nancy Roberts Actress, The Grove Family
3. Barbara New Barbara New Actress, Ali G Indahouse English character actress with wonderful comic timing. Her non-plussed expressions were used to great effect in several sketches of The Two Ronnies. Known especially for her recurring roles of Mabel Wheeler in You Rang, M'Lord? and as Vera Plumtree in Oh Doctor Beeching! ("My husband was an engine driver you know")...
4. Michael Barrington Michael Barrington Actor, The Public Eye
5. Valerie Lush Valerie Lush Actress, And Mother Makes Three
6. Felix Felton Felix Felton Actor, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
7. Desmond Wilcox Desmond Wilcox Writer, Americans
8. David Futcher David Futcher Actor, Crossroads
9. G.H. Mulcaster G.H. Mulcaster Actor, Under Capricorn
10. Mark Speight Mark Speight Self, SMart!
11. Beaufoy Milton Beaufoy Milton Actor, The Conqueror Worm
12. Alexander John Alexander John Actor, Sense and Sensibility
13. Cyril Chadwick Cyril Chadwick Actor, The Iron Horse
14. Leslie Mitchell Leslie Mitchell Self, Genevieve
15. David Morrell David Morrell Actor, The Dam Busters
16. Robert Robinson Robert Robinson Writer, Hopeful and Glorious
17. Fanny Wright Fanny Wright Actress, Living by Their Wits
18. Leal Douglas Leal Douglas Actress, Dixon's Return
19. Byron O'Leary Byron O'Leary Actor, Judith Paris
20. Haddon Mason Haddon Mason Actor, Painted Pictures
21. Frank Tilton Frank Tilton Actor, The Wharf Road Mob
22. Alex Gallier Alex Gallier Actor, The Curse of Frankenstein
23. Lawrence Gardner Lawrence Gardner Cinematographer, The Age of Stupid
24. Tony Meehan Tony Meehan Self, Wonderful to Be Young!
25. Judy Child Judy Child Actress, Mario
26. Andy Alston Andy Alston Actor, Doctor Blood's Coffin
27. Tom Driberg Tom Driberg Self, 1964 General Election
28. Lilli Molnar Lilli Molnar Actress, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman
29. Leslie Kyle Leslie Kyle Actor, Toad of Toad Hall
30. Alice Bowes Alice Bowes Actress, Three Men in a Boat
31. Tarva Penna Tarva Penna Actor, A Woman in Pawn
32. Ike Hatch Ike Hatch Actor, Dark Sands
33. Hester Paton-Brown Hester Paton-Brown Actress, The Tragic Muse
34. Clement Hamelin Clement Hamelin Actor, A Midsummer Night's Dream Part 2
35. R. Heaton Grey R. Heaton Grey Actor, The Fall of a Saint
36. Charles Doe Charles Doe Actor, I Became a Criminal
37. Marjorie Chard Marjorie Chard Actress, Cheer Up
38. Daniel Wherry Daniel Wherry Actor, Murder Will Out
39. Kate Prichard Kate Prichard Writer, Don Q Son of Zorro
40. Wyndham Milligan Wyndham Milligan Actor, Marigold
41. Charles Maunsell Charles Maunsell Actor, The Master Builder
42. William Sanson William Sanson Writer, The Wild Affair
43. Paul Bahadur Paul Bahadur Actor, BBC Sunday-Night Theatre
43 names.