Death Place Matching "Ottobrunn, Bavaria, Germany" (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

3 names.

1. William Dieterle

Director | Portrait of Jennie

Born in Ludwigshafen, Germany, Wilhelm Dieterle was the youngest of nine children of parents Jacob and Berthe Dieterle. They lived in poverty, and when he was old enough to work, young Wilhelm earned money as a carpenter and a scrap dealer. He dreamed of better things, though, and theater caught ...

2. Elly Beinhorn

Writer | Ich fliege um die Welt

Elly Beinhorn was born on May 30, 1907 in Hanover, Germany. She was a writer, known for Ich fliege um die Welt (1955), Elly Beinhorn erzählt (1958) and Steht's in den Sternen? (1964). She was married to Dr. Karl Wittmann and Bernd Rosemeyer. She died on November 28, 2007 in Ottobrunn, Bavaria,...

3. Margarethe Hruby

Actress | Der liebe Augustin

Margarethe Hruby was born in 1897 in Vienna, Austria. She was an actress, known for Der liebe Augustin (1960), Das Riesenrad (1961) and Der Gürtel der Dollarfürstin (1916). She was married to Manfred Furst. She died in 1966 in Ottobrunn, Bavaria, Germany.

3 names.