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1. Pier Paolo Pasolini Pier Paolo Pasolini Writer, Accattone Pier Paolo Pasolini achieved fame and notoriety long before he entered the film industry. A published poet at 19, he had already written numerous novels and essays before his first screenplay in 1954. His first film Accattone was based on his own novel and its violent depiction of the life of a pimp in the slums of Rome caused a sensation...
2. Massimo Troisi Massimo Troisi Actor, Il Postino: The Postman His acting career started when he was 15 in a theatre (Centro Teatro Spazio). In 1969 he founded the group "I saraceni" (later renamed "La smorfia") with Enzo Decaro and Lello Arena. He became famous to the TV audience between 1976 and 1979 with two TV programs "Non Stop" and "Luna Park". First movie "Ricomincio da tre" in 1981.
3. Bruno Mattei Bruno Mattei Director, Rats - Notte di terrore Born in 1931, Bruno Mattei grew up in Rome, Italy, where his father owned a small film editing studio. At age 20 Bruno started working odd jobs at his father's company as his assistant, then went on to other small spots. He wanted to follow in his father's footsteps as a film editor, and soon found himself working as an editor for a number of directors...
4. Nello Pazzafini Nello Pazzafini Actor, Non c'è due senza quattro
5. Armando Nannuzzi Armando Nannuzzi Cinematographer, Jesus of Nazareth
6. Sergio Citti Sergio Citti Writer, Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom
7. Federico Boido Federico Boido Actor, Planet of the Vampires Sullen faced blonde Frederico Boido was born in 1938 at Novi Ligure, Alessandria, Piemonte in Italy. He became a familiar character in European films from sci-fi to westerns and was a charter cast member of the dark photo novels known as Killing in Italy, Satanik in France and Sadistik in America. Usually playing a deranged psycho...
8. Emma Gramatica Emma Gramatica Actress, Miracle in Milan
9. Corso Salani Corso Salani Actor, Gli ultimi giorni
10. Mario Gangi Mario Gangi Music Department, Girl with a Suitcase
11. Nino Giannini Nino Giannini Director, L'invasore
12. Lorenzo Viani Lorenzo Viani Writer, Angiò uomo d'acqua
12 names.