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1. Howard Da Silva Howard Da Silva Actor, The Lost Weekend Howard da Silva was one of 324 actors, writers and directors who fell victim to the Hollywood blacklisting of the early 1950s, and had his career halted in the blink of an eye. Originally was a steelworker before making his stage debut at age 20 in New York. He made a name for himself on Broadway before going to Hollywood...
2. Florence La Badie Florence La Badie Actress, The Evidence of the Film Early information on Florence La Badie is sketchy. She is thought to have been born in New York City in 1888, and was either taken away from or given up for adoption by her birth mother. Florence was adopted by a married couple named LaBadie, who legally gave the child their last name. Her adoptive father...
3. John Cheever John Cheever Writer, The Swimmer
4. Albert Fish Albert Fish
5. Northern Calloway Northern Calloway Actor, Sesame Street
6. Margaret Mayo Margaret Mayo Writer, The Poor Boob
7. Al Toigo Al Toigo Actor, Panic!
8. Mary Barker Mary Barker Actress, Tess of the D'Urbervilles
9. Charles Freeman Charles Freeman Writer, Urge to Kill
10. Victor Young Victor Young Actor, Frontier Romance
11. Sonny Sharrock Sonny Sharrock Music Department, Space Ghost Coast to Coast
12. Wilson Reynolds Wilson Reynolds Actor, The Inevitable
13. Albert Wein Albert Wein Art Director, Take a Good Look
13 names.