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1. Clay Adler Clay Adler Self, Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County
2. Robert Williams Robert Williams Actor, The Killing
3. Dorothy Devine Dorothy Devine Self, A Star Is Born World Premiere
4. Joan Tompkins Joan Tompkins Actress, General Hospital Early in her career, in 1938, Joan Tompkins played opposite Henry Fonda in a run of plays in White Plains, New York. She later became well known on radio in the role of Nora Drake. During her long years in radio, she also acted on Broadway in "Pride and Prejudice", "My Sister Eileen" and many other plays...
5. Sandy Ward Sandy Ward Actor, The Perfect Storm
6. Peter Ronson Peter Ronson Actor, Journey to the Center of the Earth Born in Iceland, Peter began running track at a young age. He excelled in this sport and in his late teens was on the Icelandic National Team for the decathlon. He held several national records. While competing in Europe, he met a runner from the United States who was currently attending and competing for USC...
7. Arleen Whelan Arleen Whelan Actress, Young Mr. Lincoln Auburn-haired Arleen Whelan was born in Salt Lake City, but spent her early childhood in Pueblo, Colorado, where she attended High School. Her father was an electrician, who, upon opening his own electrical store in Los Angeles, moved the family westward. Arleen was enrolled in a beauty college and learned hairdressing and manicure...
8. Bonnie Bannon Bonnie Bannon Actress, One in a Million Bonnie Bannon was the daughter of Walter A. and Juanita (Strong) Bannon and was born in Tulare County, California. After graduating from Fresno High School, she went to work for a local Warner Bros. theater and soon entered a Warner Bros. beauty contest, where she won a contract with the studio. She went on to work for other studios and in many of Busby Berkeley's films...
9. Geraldine Dvorak Geraldine Dvorak Actress, Nothing Ever Happens
10. Dick Cangey Dick Cangey Actor, The Wild Wild West
11. Virgil Frye Virgil Frye Actor, Revenge of the Ninja Character actor Virgil Charles Frye was born on August 21, 1930 in Estherville, Iowa. A former Golden Gloves boxing champion, Frye worked in the cornfields in Iowa and was active in the civil rights movement in Alabama before he first began acting in films and TV shows in the mid-1960's. Virgil often played either tough guys or police officers...
12. Harry Cheshire Harry Cheshire Actor, Buffalo Bill, Jr.
13. Gilman Rankin Gilman Rankin Actor, Midnight Cowboy
14. Veola Vonn Veola Vonn Actress, Bars and Stripes
15. Wally George Wally George Actor, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
16. Lotus Long Lotus Long Actress, Phantom of Chinatown Lotus Long's father was Japanese and her mother was an ethnic Hawaiian. The family came to California in the 1920s and, because of her exotic beauty, Lotus didn't find it difficult to get into the movies and portrayed a succession of various Asian women. She took the stage name "Lotus Long", and was...
17. Hans Avluv Hans Avluv Actor, Tying Up Loose Ends
18. John Meredyth Lucas John Meredyth Lucas Director, Police Surgeon
19. Alfred L. Werker Alfred L. Werker Director, He Walked by Night
20. Peggy Lloyd Peggy Lloyd Actress, Cover Girl
21. Walter Rogers Walter Rogers Actor, All Quiet on the Western Front
22. Robert D. Webb Robert D. Webb Director, Beneath the 12-Mile Reef
23. Norman Phillips Jr. Norman Phillips Jr. Actor, Knockout Drops
24. William Baskin William Baskin Actor, The Raven
25. Jack Wrather Jr. Jack Wrather Jr. Actor, The Big Land
26. Michael Kirby Michael Kirby Actor, Shadows and Fog
27. Tseng-Chai Chang Tseng-Chai Chang Director, Jian qiao ying lie zhuan
28. Trudy Wroe Trudy Wroe Actress, Big Town
29. Eugene Richee Eugene Richee Camera and Electrical Department, Beggars of Life Studio photographer who worked for Paramount Pictures from 1925 to 1935 and took many photos of actress Louise Brooks during her time at Paramount. Richee later worked for MGM and Warner Brothers. Brother-in-law of studio photographer Virgil Apger, who first worked for Richee and was then hired by MGM in 1931.
30. Stan Wojno Stan Wojno Actor, The Hunter
31. Cynthia Westlake Cynthia Westlake Actress, New Faces of 1937
32. Ray Mercer Ray Mercer Special Effects, Dillinger
33. Robert de Coy Robert de Coy Actor, Sullivan's Empire
34. Steve Shemayne Steve Shemayne Actor, Little Big Man
35. Dorothy Dare Dorothy Dare Actress, Gold Diggers of 1935 Dorothy Dare was an actress and singer. She appeared in quite a few 20-minute Vitaphone shorts and full feature films with bigger stars such as Dick Powell and Irene Dunne. Most of her films are shown periodically on Turner Classic Movies. Some have said Dorothy didn't get a chance in Hollywood. Also, many even claimed the shorts Dorothy appeared in were better than her parts in Hollywood films...
36. Chief Blue Eagle Chief Blue Eagle Actor, Gunman's Walk
37. Daniel Mandell Daniel Mandell Editor, The Apartment Thrice Oscar-winning editor Daniel Mandell started out in show business as one of "The Flying Mandells" with Ringling Brothers Circus. He then turned his acrobatic skills to performing on the vaudeville circuit. Following service with the Marines in World War I and subsequently taking part in the post-Armistice occupation...
38. David Esch David Esch Actor, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
39. Sidney Wagner Sidney Wagner Cinematographer, The Postman Always Rings Twice
40. Cy Stevens Cy Stevens Actor, The Sellout
41. Edward Killy Edward Killy Director, Nevada
42. Walter H. Tyler Walter H. Tyler Art Director, Roman Holiday
43. Wilfred M. Cline Wilfred M. Cline Cinematographer, The Big Valley
44. Craig Woods Craig Woods Actor, Angel and the Badman
45. Wilfred H. Petitt Wilfred H. Petitt Writer, A Thousand and One Nights
46. Frank Tallman Frank Tallman Miscellaneous Crew, Capricorn One
47. Carroll L. Shepphird Carroll L. Shepphird Visual Effects, Ice Station Zebra
48. McLaren Stewart McLaren Stewart Animation Department, Cinderella
49. Charles Straumer Charles Straumer Cinematographer, The Untouchables
50. Richard C. Glouner Richard C. Glouner Cinematographer, The Gumball Rally
1-50 of 140 names.