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1. Tommy Morrison Tommy Morrison Actor, Rocky V He's a heavyweight professional boxer from Jay, Oklahoma, who made national news Thursday, Feb. 15, 1996, when he announced that he is HIV positive. He was suspended from worldwide boxing when he tested positive prior to a boxing match against Arthur Weathers in Las Vegas. He said he plans to pursue AIDS awareness activities.
2. Jane Morgan Jane Morgan Actress, Our Miss Brooks
3. Jo Ann Marlowe Jo Ann Marlowe Actress, Mildred Pierce Jo Ann Marlowe was born Jo Ann Mares in Schuyler, NE in 1936 to Edward and Theora Mares. Jo Ann was discovered on a family vacation in Hollywood at age 4 by a Warner Brothers director in a restaurant. The family relocated to California and Jo Ann took the stage name, Jo Ann Marlowe. Jo Ann acted for...
4. Mad Dog Vachon Mad Dog Vachon Self, The Wrestling Queen
5. Pam Carter Pam Carter Actress, Citizen Ruth
6. George Randol George Randol Writer, Dark Manhattan
7. Davey Bold Davey Bold
8. Bryce Dion Bryce Dion Sound Department, Cops
9. James Devney James Devney Actor, Election
10. Walter P. Cole Walter P. Cole Actor, The Unholy Three
11. Bob Boozer Bob Boozer Self, 1968 NBA All-Star Game
12. Jerry Ziegman Jerry Ziegman Writer, Peyton Place
13. Dick Hirbe Dick Hirbe Actor, What Next, Corporal Hargrove?
14. Robert A. Vranes Robert A. Vranes Producer, Shadow Board
15. John Wyatt John Wyatt Self, 1964 MLB All-Star Game
16. Robert T. Reilley Robert T. Reilley Writer, The Fighting Prince of Donegal
17. Drew Billings Drew Billings Producer, From the Top
18. Ben Jade Ben Jade Actor, Always Leave Them Laughing
19. Joe Dusek Joe Dusek Self, The Wrestler
20. Kyle Dinning Kyle Dinning Art Department, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams
21. Frank Tobin Frank Tobin Actor, The House of His Master
22. Barbara Acklin Barbara Acklin Soundtrack, Sparkle
22 names.