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1. Leo Gorcey Leo Gorcey Actor, Angels with Dirty Faces Leo Gorcey's parents were actor Bernard Gorcey (born 1888) who stood 4' 10", and Josephine Condon (born 1901), who stood 4' 11" and weighed 95 pounds; they worked in vaudeville in New York. In 1915, 14-year-old Josephine gave birth to Fred. In 1917, Leo was born, a large baby at 12 lb. 3 oz.; as an adult he would be 5' 6"...
2. Kumar Pallana Kumar Pallana Actor, The Terminal
3. Angela Paton Angela Paton Actress, Groundhog Day Paton was described as a "natural comic" and one of the "legends of the local stage" of San Francisco. She is a veteran of the American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.), and also one of A.C.T.'s leading actresses in its first few seasons. After leaving A.C.T. in the early 1970s, Paton and her husband founded and ran the Berkeley Stage Company for a number of years...
4. Allen 'Farina' Hoskins Allen 'Farina' Hoskins Actor, Pups Is Pups
5. Wayne Morris Wayne Morris Actor, Paths of Glory Wayne Morris, the last of the B-Western stars, was born Bert DeWayne Morris, Jr. on February 17, 1914 in Los Angeles, California. His 1953-54 movie series that began with Star of Texas and ended with Two Guns and a Badge was the last of the low-budget westerns that had been a staple of the film industry for half-a-century...
6. John Schnabel John Schnabel Self, Gold Rush: Alaska
7. Howland Chamberlain Howland Chamberlain Actor, Kramer vs. Kramer
8. Frank Ward Frank Ward Miscellaneous Crew, The Mack
9. David Zelag Goodman David Zelag Goodman Writer, Logan's Run
10. Marlon Riggs Marlon Riggs Director, Tongues Untied
11. Guy D'Ennery Guy D'Ennery Actor, The Mark of Zorro
12. Brownie McGhee Brownie McGhee Soundtrack, Superbad
13. Aimee Semple McPherson Aimee Semple McPherson Actress, The Voice of Hollywood No. 9
14. Huey P. Newton Huey P. Newton Self, Huey Huey P. Newton, the co-founder and inspirational leader of the Black Panther Party, was born in Monroe, Louisiana, on February 17, 1942. He was named after governor Huey P. Long. Newton's family moved to Oakland, California early in his childhood. He attended Merritt College, earning an Associate of Arts degree. He also studied law at Oakland City College and at San Francisco Law School...
15. Spade Cooley Spade Cooley Actor, 42 Violinist and cellist, singer, actor, composer and songwriter ("Shame On You"), conductor, arranger and inventor who popularized western swing music on film and recordings, in person and on radio and television. When Spade was four, he and his parents John and Emma Cooley moved to Oregon where he studied classical violin and cello...
16. Harriet C. Leider Harriet C. Leider Actress, Torch Song Trilogy
17. John Holbrook Vance John Holbrook Vance Writer, Bad Ronald Jack Vance is best known for his fantasy and science fiction. He won the Hugo award (given by the World Science Fiction Society) for *The Dragon Masters* (1963); both Hugo and Nebula (given by Science Fiction Writers of America) for *The Last Castle* (1966); and the World Fantasy Award for *Lyonesse: Madouc* (1990)...
18. George Lymburn George Lymburn Actor, Paradise Cove
19. Faith Geer Faith Geer Actress, Wall Street
20. Harry Spalding Harry Spalding Writer, The Watcher in the Woods Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and brought to the US when he was six, Harry Spalding credits his interest in writing to his mother, who read the classics aloud to him when he was a child. Early on, Spalding did some short story and newspaper writing, then went into the theater business as a film booker/buyer in San Francisco...
21. Al Davis Al Davis Self, Rebels with a Cause: The Story of the American Football League Allen "Al" Davis, the man who is synonymous with the Oakland Raiders franchise of the National Football League and its earlier American Football League incarnation, was born on the Fourth of July, 1929 into a Jewish family in Brockton, Massachusetts. Raised in Brooklyn and educated at the borough's Erasmus High School, he played football at Syracuse University, but was cut from the varsity team...
22. Sydney Ayres Sydney Ayres Actor, On Desert Sands Handsome, dark wavy-haired leading man who appeared on the New York stage, starred in early silent films (1-3 reelers) as well as directed and wrote scenarios. Worked for various studios including Edison, American, Powers, Rex, Big U (Universal), Laemmle, Nestor and Selig. Still working until the year of his death...
23. Earl 'Fatha' Hines Earl 'Fatha' Hines Soundtrack, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion Pianist, composer ("Everything Depends on You"), conductor and author educated at Schenley High School and in private piano study. He accompanied singers and was pianist for several instrumental groups, eventually forming his own band in Chicago in 1928, which he conducted into 1948 when he joined Louis Armstrong...
24. Dan Totheroh Dan Totheroh Writer, The Count of Monte Cristo
25. William Engvick William Engvick Soundtrack, Get Smart
26. Japeth Pieper Japeth Pieper Visual Effects, Ratatouille
27. Darian O'Toole Darian O'Toole Actress, Nutcracker
28. Virginia Chester Virginia Chester Actress, The Yaqui Girl Virginia Evelyn Chester was born August 27, 1896 in San Francisco to Louis Chester and Kathleen (Kate) Judge. Her film debut was in "The Yaqui Girl" (1910), for Pathe Films. She was a leading lady with the Bison-101 Ranch Company and with Universal Pictures. Other film credits included "The Frenzy of Firewater" (1912)...
29. George Moran George Moran Actor, The Bank Dick
30. Izora Rhodes-Armstead Izora Rhodes-Armstead Self, Comeback - Die große Chance
31. Melbourne MacDowell Melbourne MacDowell Actor, There It Is
32. Fay Lanphier Fay Lanphier Actress, Flying Elephants
33. Anthony Boucher Anthony Boucher Miscellaneous Crew, Kraft Suspense Theatre
34. Vedah Bertram Vedah Bertram Actress, Broncho Billy's Narrow Escape Vedah Bertram born Adele Buck in Massachusetts into a prominent Boston family, her father Jerome Buck, a wealthy newspaper publisher. Film cowboy star G.M. Anderson saw her photograph in a Boston society column, he decided to contact her and asked her to be his co-star in his Broncho Billy western series...
35. Sid Campbell Sid Campbell Actor, The Master Demon
36. Ernie Stanton Ernie Stanton Actor, Here's the Gang
37. Charles Brown Charles Brown Soundtrack, Cast Away
38. Jack Hammer Jack Hammer Soundtrack, Stand by Me
39. Jimmy Reed Jimmy Reed Soundtrack, The Pursuit of Happyness
40. Harry Williams Harry Williams Soundtrack, P.S. I Love You
41. André-ani André-ani Costume Designer, The Wind
42. Helen Greene Helen Greene Actress, Misjudged
43. Jessica Mitford Jessica Mitford Self, Greenwich Village
44. John Molloy John Molloy Actor, Marathain
45. Alice Gentle Alice Gentle Actress, The Song of the Flame
46. Marshall Ricksen Marshall Ricksen Actor, The Old Nest
47. Eva Sawyer Eva Sawyer Actress, Her Lesson
48. Philippé Wynne Philippé Wynne Soundtrack, Straight Outta Compton
49. Alice Tisdale Hobart Alice Tisdale Hobart Writer, This Earth Is Mine
50. Charles Allen Dealey Charles Allen Dealey Actor, A Waiting Game
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