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1. Helen Hayes Helen Hayes Actress, A Farewell to Arms Known as "The First lady of the American Theater", Helen Hayes had a legendary career on stage and in films and television that spanned over eighty years. Hayes was born in Washington, D.C., to Catherine Estelle "Essie" Hayes, an actress who worked in touring companies, and Francis van Arnum Brown, a clerk and salesman...
2. Van Johnson Van Johnson Actor, The Caine Mutiny Van Johnson was the well-mannered nice guy on screen you wanted your daughter to marry. This fair, freckled and invariably friendly-looking MGM song-and-dance star of the 40s emerged a box office favorite (1944-1946) and second only to heartthrob Frank Sinatra during what gossipmonger Hedda Hopper dubbed the "Bobby-Soxer Blitz" era...
3. Zita Johann Zita Johann Actress, The Mummy
4. James Daly James Daly Actor, Medical Center Distinguished character player James Firman Daly first appeared on stage in his home town of Wisconsin Rapids in 1928. He was set on acting from an early age, strongly encouraged by his parents, though neither were in the profession - his father was in the fuel business and his mother at one time a CIA employee...
5. Mike Kellin Mike Kellin Actor, Midnight Express Burly, coarse, raspy-voiced Mike Kellin was often cast as a tough cop, gangster, or soldier, usually a corporal or sergeant, so it may be surprising to some that during his stint in the US Navy during World War II he was a Lieutenant Commander. Though he seemed to be straight out of the tenements of New York City...
6. Harry Bellaver Harry Bellaver Actor, Naked City
7. Bill Gunn Bill Gunn Actor, Ganja & Hess
8. Sally Moffet Sally Moffet Actress, Tough Guys Don't Dance
9. Norman Rose Norman Rose Actor, One Life to Live
10. Myron Cohen Myron Cohen Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
11. Carson McCullers Carson McCullers Writer, The Member of the Wedding
12. Thomas Berger Thomas Berger Writer, Little Big Man
13. Carl Low Carl Low Actor, Another World
14. Nicolas Koline Nicolas Koline Actor, Napoleon
15. Rose Caylor Rose Caylor Writer, Fingers at the Window Rose Caylor was newspaper reporter, author, screenwriter and playwright. She was born in Vilna, Russia (now Vilnius, Lithuania) in 1898, the daughter of Morris and Elizabeth Libman. Her father came to America in 1906 where he found work in Chicago as a department store salesman. Rose, her mother and two sisters joined him there the following year...
16. C. Wright Mills C. Wright Mills Self, New York in the 50's C. Wright Mills was a radical, controversial intellectual and social scientist in America in the 1950s. He taught at Wisconsin and Maryland universities, and was a professor at Columbia from 1946 until his death in 1962. His most famous books included "The New Men of Power: America's Labor Leaders" (1948)...
17. Herman Rosse Herman Rosse Art Director, King of Jazz
18. Augustus E. Thomas Augustus E. Thomas Writer, The Capitol
19. Don Ettlinger Don Ettlinger Writer, Studio One in Hollywood
20. Sergei Soudeikin Sergei Soudeikin Art Department, We Live Again
21. Jerome Chodorov Jerome Chodorov Writer, My Sister Eileen
22. Bob Wolff Bob Wolff Self, The Greatest Game Ever Played
23. Arthur Cunningham Arthur Cunningham Writer, Play Your Hunch Composer, songwriter ("Everywhere I Go"), bassist, conductor and author, educated at the Metropolitan Music School in New York (where he was a music student of Wallingford Riegger, Johnny Mehegan, and Teddy Wilson), at Fisk University (studying with John W. Work) where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree...
24. Geraldine Garrick Geraldine Garrick Actress, The Snake Pit
25. Edward Newhouse Edward Newhouse Writer, I Want You
26. Michael Sivy Michael Sivy Actor, The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
27. Chalmers Dale Chalmers Dale Producer, Out of the Ashes
28. Clarence Tripp Clarence Tripp Self, Secret History
29. J. Francis Robertson J. Francis Robertson Actor, The Girl on the Barge
30. Ernest Leiser Ernest Leiser Self, World in Crisis
31. Marie Tharp Marie Tharp Visual Effects, The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark
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