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1. Mel Welles Mel Welles Actor, The Little Shop of Horrors Prior to his Hollywood acting career, New York-born Mel Welles held a variety of jobs, including clinical psychologist, writer and radio deejay. After some stage work he wound up in Hollywood, making his film debut in Appointment in Honduras. His best and favorite role, as flower shop owner Gravis Mushnick in director 'Roger Corman''s horror comedy The Little Shop of Horrors...
2. Anna Amore Anna Amore Actress, The Kiss
3. Rebecca Steele Rebecca Steele Actress, Dutch Masters Jeanette Dee Rogers was born January 17, 1962 to an enlisted sailor and a teenage mother JoAnn Skeeter in Norfolk,Virginia. The sailor took off before the baby's arrival. A young Marine named Markvart married the pregnant JoAnn instead. The couple divorced soon after. For a while, JoAnn Markvart raised Jeanette in an apartment nestled among the honky-tonks of East Ocean View...
4. J. Michael Hunter J. Michael Hunter Actor, Blue Velvet
5. Moses Malone Moses Malone Self, Playboy Mid Summer Night's Dream Party 1985
6. Allen Gettel Allen Gettel Actor, The Tin Star
7. Alfred Hart Miles Alfred Hart Miles Soundtrack, Iron Man 2
8. Lady Tsen Mei Lady Tsen Mei Actress, Lotus Blossom
9. G.F. Rowe G.F. Rowe Actor, Rollercoaster
10. Earl Phelps Earl Phelps Actor, Bandits and Ballads
11. Ray Copeland Ray Copeland Actor, Sensations of 1945
12. Evon Thomas Evon Thomas Actress, The Dolly Sisters Shortly after acting in the Dolly Sisters in 1945 (the tall little girl that danced at the start of the movie) Evon Thomas (Virginia Della-Marie McCook) was run over and badly crippled by a car in Los Angeles, which ended her acting career before she got the chance to blossom. She would have been as tall as 5'8" or so had it not been for the accident...
13. Frank Kelso Frank Kelso
14. Ron Raskin Ron Raskin Soundtrack, Fortunes
15. John Duffy John Duffy Composer, Heritage: Civilization and the Jews
16. Mary Ann Bennett Mary Ann Bennett Producer, Sucker
17. Howard Jones Howard Jones Self, Modern Times
17 names.