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1. Françoise Dorléac Françoise Dorléac Actress, The Soft Skin The radiant Francoise Dorleac is better remembered today as the elder, ill-fated sister of French film star Catherine Deneuve. The Paris-born actress, however, was actually the first to become a star and had quite a formidable career of her own in the 1960s until it was cut short. Born into a theatrical family in 1942 (her father was actor Maurice Dorléac)...
2. W. Somerset Maugham W. Somerset Maugham Writer, The Painted Veil Popular British novelist, playwright, short-story writer and the highest-paid author in the world in the 1930s, Somerset Maugham graduated in 1897 from St. Thomas' Medical School and qualified as a doctor, but abandoned medicine after the success of his first novels and plays. During World War I he worked as a secret agent and in 1928 settled in Cap Ferrat in France...
3. Isadora Duncan Isadora Duncan Writer, Isadora Isadora Duncan was an American dancer and innovative educator known for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural projects, and a hectic marriage to the famous Russian poet Sergei Esenin. She was born Isador 'Dora' Angela Duncan on May 26, 1877, in San Francisco, California. Her father, Joseph Duncan...
4. Syd Chaplin Syd Chaplin Actor, Shoulder Arms
5. Gaston Leroux Gaston Leroux Writer, The Phantom of the Opera A native of Paris, France, a poet, journalist and novelist, Gaston Leroux is known for his many creative horror stories, including "Rouilable", "The Haunted Chair" and "The Wax Mask", but is probably best known for his work "The Phantom of the Opera", which became Leroux's prize possession. He wrote...
6. Philippe Nicaud Philippe Nicaud Actor, Mademoiselle Strip-tease
7. Louis Feuillade Louis Feuillade Director, Les vampires Prolific director of over seven hundred films, most of them short or medium-length. Feuillade began his career with Gaumont where, as well as directing his own features, he was appointed artistic director in charge of production in 1907. Feuillade's work was largely comprised of film series; his first series...
8. Severin Wunderman Severin Wunderman Actor, Minority Report
9. Gaby Morlay Gaby Morlay Actress, Le Plaisir
10. Freda Betti Freda Betti Actress, Le Médecin malgré lui Freda Betti was born in 1924 to a modest family : his father was a house painter and his mother was a fishmonger. His paternal family originates from the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy : his grandfather was born in Parma and he immigrated to Nice with his wife and children in the late 1890s. She...
11. Rita Jolivet Rita Jolivet Actress, Theodora Rita Jolivet was a silent film actress whose career spanned from 1914 when she made FATA MORGANA to 1926 when she filmed PHI-PHI. Afterwards, Rita dropped out of films. She made only 20 films in her brief career.
12. Henri Matisse Henri Matisse Actor, Henri Matisse Henri Emile Benoit Matisse was born on December 31, 1869, in Le Cateau-Cambresis, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. His father, named Emile Hippolyte Matisse, was a merchant, whose family were weavers. His mother, named Anna Heloise Matisse (nee Gerard), was a daughter of a tanner; she made hats and painted china...
13. André Hunebelle André Hunebelle Director, Fantomas
14. Niccolò Paganini Niccolò Paganini Soundtrack, Shine Paganini's musical talent was recognized at an early age, and his ambitious father drove him hard to succeed, even withholding food if his son did not perform to his satisfaction on the violin. Escaping his father's domineering influence in his late teens by fleeing to Lucca, Paganini came to the attention of Princess Elisa Baciocchi...
15. Beverley Brooks Beverley Brooks Actress, Reach for the Sky
16. Viviane Romance Viviane Romance Actress, Panic Strikingly beautiful French leading lady (Miss Paris of 1930) who first appeared on stage at the age of 13 at the Theatre Sarah-Bernhardt, then did some modelling work and a year later joined the chorus line of the Moulin Rouge. She also performed the 'can-can' at the legendary Parisian nightclub Bal Tabarin...
17. Edmond T. Gréville Edmond T. Gréville Director, The Hands of Orlac
18. Gérard Landry Gérard Landry Actor, La Bête Humaine
19. René Lefèvre René Lefèvre Actor, The Crime of Monsieur Lange
20. Charles Spaak Charles Spaak Writer, La Grande Illusion
21. Grey Blake Grey Blake Actor, The Dancing Years
22. Alfred Machin Alfred Machin Director, La chasse à la girafe en Ouganda Alfred Machin started his film work as camera man for Pathe at the beginning of 20 Century. During 1907 and 1909 he was in Africa, shooting documentary shorts. In 1910 he worked at the Pathe studio in Nizza, in 1911 he was one of the founding directors of the Pathe-filiale in Amsterdam, in 1913 he was the same in Brussel...
23. Thomas Narcejac Thomas Narcejac Writer, Vertigo
24. Noël-Noël Noël-Noël Writer, The Chorus Warmly popular French character player and screenwriter in his heyday, Noel-Noel was born Lucien Noel and developed his celebrity in music halls and the cabaret venue, where he created his Ademai comic character, a blundering French soldier. He eventually took this character successfully to film in...
25. Georges Moustaki Georges Moustaki Soundtrack, La Vie en Rose
26. Loni Nest Loni Nest Actress, The Golem
27. Henri-Jacques Huet Henri-Jacques Huet Actor, Breathless
28. Roman Toporow Roman Toporow Actor, Berlin Express
29. Jacques Henri Lartigue Jacques Henri Lartigue Actor, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
30. Leen Jongewaard Leen Jongewaard Actor, De boezemvriend
31. Jimmy Gaillard Jimmy Gaillard Actor, Son of France
32. Nino Bellini Nino Bellini Actor, Casablanca
33. Jean-Jacques Delbo Jean-Jacques Delbo Actor, The Little Rebels
34. Maximilienne Maximilienne Actress, Maria Chapdelaine In his sketches, popular French comedian'Fernand Raynaud' was often bullied by a self-righteous sharp-tongued spinster called Mademoiselle Lelongbec, the parish organist. Tall, lean and unattractive, Maximilenne (born Henriette Genty in 1884) seemed born to play the part and she WAS the obvious choice for director Robert Darène when...
35. Pierre Barbaud Pierre Barbaud Actor, Hiroshima Mon Amour
36. Lage Fosheim Lage Fosheim Actor, Body Troopers
37. Magnus Hirschfeld Magnus Hirschfeld Actor, Different from the Others
38. Lucien Callamand Lucien Callamand Actor, Fan-Fan the Tulip
39. Edward José Edward José Director, The Iron Claw Belgian-born Edward José began his film career as an actor, starring opposite Theda Bara in one of her most famous films, A Fool There Was. Turning to directing shortly afterwards, he handled several Pearl White serials, and piloted many features in the late 1910s and early 1920s. His most ambitious film was The Beloved Vagabond...
40. Hassard Short Hassard Short Actor, The Moth He was one of the giants of the American Theatre in the first half of the 20th Century. Born in England, Hubert Hassard Short began his theatrical career there in 1895 and ventured to America six years later. He initially found work touring as a member and choreographer of John Drew's company, working his way onto Broadway as an actor up until the 1919-20 season...
41. Alphonse Boudard Alphonse Boudard Writer, Le corbillard de Jules At first he was an apprentice in an iron casting works. During the Occupation, he joined the underground movement to fight against the nazi invaders. However he worked illegally making counterfeit money, and became an expert in safebreaking using a blowlamp. This "activity" lead to his imprisonment (1945-1949 and 1957-1961)...
42. Jean-Pierre Lorrain Jean-Pierre Lorrain Actor, Bay of Angels
43. Jean-François Martial Jean-François Martial Actor, Mon Oncle
44. Jacques Gallo Jacques Gallo Actor, The Magic Sword
45. Fernand Rivers Fernand Rivers Actor, Le duel de Plouf
46. Henry Houry Henry Houry Actor, La sandale rouge
47. Yvan Noé Yvan Noé Writer, Love Around the Clock
48. Madeleine Aile Madeleine Aile Actress, Il était deux petits enfants
49. Michèle Verly Michèle Verly Actress, Les taciturnes
50. Anne-Marie Jelinek Anne-Marie Jelinek Actress, Black Girl
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