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1. Michael Truman Michael Truman Director, Touch and Go Entered the film industry in 1934, working as an assistant director and junior editor in various studios. Made wartime training films for the army, then joined Ealing in 1944, becoming a producer in 1951, and directing one film ('Touch and Go') in 1955. He directed only occasional films thereafter, such as 'Go to Blazes' (1962).
2. Stewart Rome Stewart Rome Actor, Wings of the Morning Major English silent movie star Stewart Rome born Wernham Ryott Gifford in Berkshire in 1886. He studied civil engineering, but instead went on the stage in 1907. After appearing on stage in Australia, Stewart returned to England in 1912 and joined Hepworth Film Company. Handsome, slightly aloof aristocratic star of more than 150 drama films...
3. Henry Hewitt Henry Hewitt Actor, A Christmas Carol
4. Basil Lord Basil Lord Actor, One for the Pot
5. Pattie Coldwell Pattie Coldwell Self, Loose Women
6. Dorothy-Rose Gribble Dorothy-Rose Gribble Actress, Doctor Who
7. John Monck John Monck Director, Forty Million People
7 names.