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1. Ruby Dee Ruby Dee Actress, American Gangster
2. Stanley Greene Stanley Greene Actor, The Wiz
3. Thomas A. Carlin Thomas A. Carlin Actor, Caddyshack American character actor of extensive stage background. He appeared frequently on Broadway in such plays as "A Thousand Clowns, " "The Deputy, " and "Time Limit." He was also active in early television, working on dramatic programs such as "Kraft Television Theatre" and "Studio One." He was married to actress Frances Sternhagen. Carlin died at 62 from heart failure.
4. Teresa Brewer Teresa Brewer Soundtrack, 61* Singer, songwriter ("Down the Holiday Trail"), and author. Educated at Waite High School and later a singer in theaters and night clubs and on radio and television. She made many records and joined ASCAP in 1956. Her other song compositions include "I Love Mickey", "Imp", "There's Nothing as Lonesome as Saturday Night", and "Hush-a-bye, Wink-a-bye Do".
5. Maurice Copeland Maurice Copeland Actor, Arthur
6. Ann Thomas Ann Thomas Actress, Midnight Cowboy
7. Horace Silver Horace Silver Soundtrack, Election Jazz composer-pianist Horace Silver took an interest in music as a young boy after becoming romantically interested in a 12-year-old girl who knew how to play the piano. After convincing the object of his affections to give him piano lessons, young Horace discovered his niche. He had, however, been...
8. Robert Crichton Robert Crichton Writer, The Secret of Santa Vittoria
9. Andy Clark Andy Clark Actor, A Broth of a Boy
10. Laura Nelson Hall Laura Nelson Hall Actress, The Stubbornness of Geraldine
11. Edward F. Carey Edward F. Carey Actor, The Seven-Ups
12. E.W. Hammons E.W. Hammons Miscellaneous Crew, The Death Kiss
13. Alice B. Russell Alice B. Russell Actress, God's Step Children Alice B. Russell is better known as Oscar Micheaux's wife, but she played important parts in almost all of her husband's films. Alice usually played the sympathetic mother figure, a mature role model, a guardian angel to young naive ladies, etc. She was a wonderful emotional actress, never overdoing her sadness and pain but just enough to move you...
14. George Del Monte George Del Monte Actor, Today I Am a Man
15. Roy Hamilton Roy Hamilton Soundtrack, White Chicks Roy Hamilton was born in Leesburg, Georgia, on April 16, 1929. His family moved to Jersey City, NJ, in 1943. He was an experienced gospel singer and one-time Golden Gloves boxer. He specialized in a mixture of pop, show and R&B tunes. He was signed by Columbia Records in 1953 after being discovered in a local club...
16. Philip H. Reisman Jr. Philip H. Reisman Jr. Writer, P.J.
17. Walfredo Toscanini Walfredo Toscanini Self, Toscanini: The Maestro
18. Saul J. Turell Saul J. Turell Writer, The Love Goddesses
19. Moyshe Oysher Moyshe Oysher Actor, Singing in the Dark
20. Dan DeCarlo Dan DeCarlo Writer, Josie and the Pussycats
21. Sal La Pera Sal La Pera Actor, The Death Collector
22. Bill Slater Bill Slater Self, Sports for All Educator, sportscaster and a longtime voice on Paramount newsreels, Bill Slater graduated from the United States Military Adacemy in 1924 and earned a master's degree in political science from Columbia University. He then joined the Greenbrier Military Adademy in Lewisburg, West Virginia as commandant...
23. Mia Ichioka Mia Ichioka Actress, Wonder Bar
24. Alfred Harvey Alfred Harvey Producer, A Visit from Mars
25. Frederick Opper Frederick Opper Writer, Hooligan Assists the Magician
26. Kay Strozzi Kay Strozzi Actress, Ex-Lady
27. N.Z. Wood N.Z. Wood Actor, The Watertank Plot
28. Pearl Primus Pearl Primus Actress, Free to Dance
29. Allan Murnane Allan Murnane Actor, The Black Stork
30. John A. Moroso John A. Moroso Writer, The Fire Fighters
31. Nell Brinkley Nell Brinkley Self, The Great White Way Artist Nell Brinkley was an early 20th century newspaper columnist who illustrated her columns with "Brinkley Girls," bright-eyed and bow-lipped women that became a national vogue. The Brinkley Girls, idealistic and active young women who were suffused with an innocent sexuality, became so famous, they were the subjects of popular songs and poems...
32. Emmett A. Williams Emmett A. Williams Cinematographer, Rags
33. John I. Booker John I. Booker Actor, The Judge's Story
34. George Lessner George Lessner Composer, Lovesick
35. George Arthur Gray George Arthur Gray Writer, Hawk of the Hills Writer, editor and journalist George Arthur Gray was born in Zane Grey's hometown of Zanesville, Ohio on 15 September, 1886. His parents were William T. and Anna Gray, both Ohio natives. His father worked as a glass blower and manufacturer in Zanesville and later at Syracuse, NY. After graduating from Syracuse University...
36. Frank Grimmer Frank Grimmer Actor, The Magnet of Destruction
37. Joseph B. Coghlan Joseph B. Coghlan Self, U.S. Cruiser 'Raleigh'
38. Frederick Albert Cook Frederick Albert Cook Self, Dr. Cook, nordpolens opdager
39. Sol Shor Sol Shor Writer, Zorro's Fighting Legion
40. Billy Noel Billy Noel Actor, Her Nephews from Labrador
41. Daniel Keleher Daniel Keleher Actor, The Baby and the Boss
42. Riley Chamberlin Riley Chamberlin Actor, In a Garden
43. Nicholas Flagello Nicholas Flagello Music Department, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra Composer, conductor and educator, educated at the Manhattan School of Music (BM, MM), and at the Accademia di St. Cecilia in Rome. He also studied with Vittorio Giannini and Ildebrando Pizzetti (Fulbright fellowship). He joined the conducting staff at the Chicago Lyric Opera Company, and was program chairman of the NAACC between 1960-1963...
44. Harry G. Stafford Harry G. Stafford Writer, The Oubliette
45. R.H. Cochrane R.H. Cochrane Miscellaneous Crew, The Exquisite Thief
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