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1. Martha Hyer Martha Hyer Actress, Sabrina Martha Hyer was born on August 10, 1924 in Fort Worth, Texas. Once she finished her formal schooling, Martha played a bit role in 1946's The Locket. Slowly, Martha began picking up roles with more and more substance. The best years for the beautiful actress began in 1954 when she played in films such as Down Three Dark Streets...
2. Richard Farnsworth Richard Farnsworth Actor, Misery An American stuntman who, after more than 30 years in the business, moved into acting and became an acclaimed and respected character actor, Richard Farnsworth was a native of Los Angeles. He grew up around horses and as a teenager was offered an opportunity to ride in films. He appeared in horse-racing scenes and cavalry charges unbilled...
3. David Huddleston David Huddleston Actor, The Big Lebowski
4. Kim Stanley Kim Stanley Actress, The Right Stuff Kim Stanley's movie roles were few and far between; she is perhaps best known for her stellar performances on stage, including successes on Broadway. But when she did step in front of the camera, nothing short of memorable resulted. Her repertoire in movies and on stage covered such diversity from the sensitive glamour-girl Rita Shawn character in the 1958 "Goddess" to the crusty...
5. Thalmus Rasulala Thalmus Rasulala Actor, General Hospital
6. Edith Barrett Edith Barrett Actress, I Walked with a Zombie
7. Mike Todd Mike Todd Producer, Around the World in 80 Days Film producer Michael Todd was one of the major contributors to technical innovation in the film industry in the 1950s. Having worked with Fred Waller and Cinerama, he got tired of the three-panel format, left the company and tried to find the process for making "Cinerama coming from one hole". He joined forces with the American Optical Co...
8. David Macklin David Macklin Actor, Harris Against the World
9. Bruce Gordon Bruce Gordon Actor, The Untouchables
10. Severn Darden Severn Darden Actor, Battle for the Planet of the Apes
11. Jody McCrea Jody McCrea Actor, Cry Blood, Apache Just as strapping (6' 3") and amiably handsome as his actor/father, Joel McCrea, Jody was born Joel Dee McCrea on September 6, 1934 in Los Angeles, California, and bore a strong resemblance to his famous namesake. The oldest of three children, his mother was actress Frances Dee and his two younger brothers are David McCrea and Peter McCrea...
12. Eddra Gale Eddra Gale Actress, The Graduate
13. Gwyn Savage Gwyn Savage Casting Department, Fanboys
14. Maureen Kelly Maureen Kelly Actress, Hell Squad
15. Connie Gilchrist Connie Gilchrist Actress, Long John Silver With more than two decades of stage experience in France, England and on Broadway behind her, this moon-faced, heavy-set character actress first entered films in 1940. But no matter a film's genre - contemporary drama, historical costumer or shoot 'em up western - her Brooklyn roots always sounded through.
16. David House David House Actor, Paul
17. Peter Griffith Peter Griffith Actor, Halloween
18. Earl Bellamy Earl Bellamy Director, Bachelor Father Directed more than 1,600 episodes of television. Graduated from Hollywood High School in 1935 and got a job as a messenger at Columbia Studios, working his way up to second assistant director by 1939. Served in the U.S. Navy's photographic unit near the end of World War II.
19. Cora Witherspoon Cora Witherspoon Actress, The Bank Dick A delightfully irksome, viper-tongued presence who usually played older than she was, actress Cora Witherspoon began her five-decade career in New York playing an elderly lady in the 1910 production of "The Concert". She was 20 years old at the time. Born in 1890, the brown-haired, Louisiana-born character...
20. Don Meredith Don Meredith Self, NFL Monday Night Football
21. Virginia Brissac Virginia Brissac Actress, Rebel Without a Cause
22. Don Weis Don Weis Director, Ironside Milwaukee-born Don Weis began as a director of light-hearted, often youth-oriented entertainment. After graduating in film studies from the University of Southern California in 1942, he got his first job as an errand boy at Warner Brothers. He saw wartime service as a technician with the 1st Motion Picture Unit of the U.S...
23. Shari Rhodes Shari Rhodes Casting Department, Jaws
24. Vera Zorina Vera Zorina Actress, Louisiana Purchase Practically born with ballet slippers on, the dark, lithe and exotic Vera Zorina had memorable careers with the Ballet Russe and, to a lesser degree, Hollywood. Born in Berlin, her father Fritz was German and mother Billie Hartwig Norwegian. She took to ballet at age 2 (she used to take them to bed with her) and by age 4 was performing...
25. Bruce Watson Bruce Watson Actor, The Swinging Barmaids
26. Todd Sopher Todd Sopher Transportation Department, 2 Guns
27. Howie Epstein Howie Epstein Music Department, She's the One
28. Herbert Lytton Herbert Lytton Actor, The Cosmic Man
29. Boyd Stockman Boyd Stockman Actor, The Man from Laramie Stuntman and actor Boyd Stockman was born on February 12, 1916 in Grants, New Mexico. Boyd moved to California in the early 1940's where he and his brother worked for the Bakersfield Land and Cattle Company. Stockman began his film business career doing stunts at Monogram Pictures in the mid-1940's after he was spotted roping cattle at the L.A...
30. Riley Hill Riley Hill Actor, The Trial of Billy Jack
31. Arlene McQuade Arlene McQuade Actress, The Goldbergs
32. Donald Murphy Donald Murphy Actor, Frankenstein's Daughter
33. Chris Calloway Chris Calloway Actor, The Landlord
34. Adele Longmire Adele Longmire Actress, Bullet Scars
35. Duane R. Campbell Duane R. Campbell Actor, Alice
36. Tony Hillerman Tony Hillerman Writer, Coyote Waits
37. Hugh Prosser Hugh Prosser Actor, The Adventures of Sir Galahad
38. Ralph Marrero Ralph Marrero Actor, Day of the Dead
39. Steve Curry Steve Curry Actor, Glen and Randa
40. Dusty McCrea Dusty McCrea Actress, Windwalker
41. Adam Hollander Adam Hollander Actor, Halloween
42. Harry Worth Harry Worth Actor, Adventures of Captain Marvel Harry J. Worth (aka Michael Worth) was born on February 6, 1903, in England. All of his films from 1919 to 1929 are British productions. He came to the US in 1929, where his British film experience gave him the background to find his way to the Broadway stage, where he appeared in various productions until coming to Hollywood in 1935...
43. Lynette Bernay Lynette Bernay Costume and Wardrobe Department, Up in the Air
44. John Reardon John Reardon Actor, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
45. Ole Olsen Ole Olsen Soundtrack, The Negro Soldier
46. Ron Thornton Ron Thornton Visual Effects, The Crazies
47. James Burnett James Burnett Actor, Transcendence
48. Tommy Truex Tommy Truex Stunts, A Million Ways to Die in the West Tommy is an actor and a stunt performer. He's a seasoned combat veteran with the United States Army, serving as a Captain in the Army Reserves. Additionally, Tommy recently became the first male spokesman for the National Eating Disorders Association. Tommy professionally fought in Mixed Martial Arts for 7 years...
49. Larry Lujack Larry Lujack Actor, Ferris Bueller's Day Off
50. Digby Wolfe Digby Wolfe Writer, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
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