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1. Enzo Cannavale Enzo Cannavale Actor, Cinema Paradiso
2. Enrico Caruso Enrico Caruso Soundtrack, Match Point Enrico Caruso (b. Errico Caruso) was born on February 25, 1873, in Naples, Italy. He was the third of seven children to a poor alcoholic father. He received little primary education and briefly studied music with conductor Vicenzo Lombardini. His early income was from singing serenades. Caruso made his operatic debut on March 15...
3. Lucky Luciano Lucky Luciano Self, The Mafia Connection US gangster and racketeer. Born Charles Salvadore Lucania in Sicily, he emigrated with his family to the US in 1906. In 1907 he started shoplifting. He was given his nickname by childhood friend and fellow gangster Meyer Lansky for his luck with betting on racehorses, but it also could have applied...
4. Tina Pica Tina Pica Actress, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
5. Vittorio Caprioli Vittorio Caprioli Actor, General Della Rovere
6. Carlo Fermariello Carlo Fermariello Actor, Hands Over the City
7. Carlo Taranto Carlo Taranto Actor, Where's Picone?
8. Dolores Palumbo Dolores Palumbo Actress, Miseria e nobiltà
9. Mario Scarpetta Mario Scarpetta Actor, Banana Joe
10. Carol Lobravico Carol Lobravico Actress, Ombre roventi
11. Giambattista Basile Giambattista Basile Writer, The Tale of Tales
12. Lydia Johnson Lydia Johnson Actress, The Two Mothers
13. Roberto Murolo Roberto Murolo Soundtrack, Nine
14. Giovanni Paisiello Giovanni Paisiello Soundtrack, Barry Lyndon
15. Guido Palliggiano Guido Palliggiano Actor, The American
16. Enzo Maggio Enzo Maggio Actor, The White Sheik
17. Giacomo Leopardi Giacomo Leopardi Writer, Dialogo di un venditore di almanacchi e di un passeggiere
18. Italo Celoro Italo Celoro Actor, Gomorrah
19. Eduardo Passarelli Eduardo Passarelli Actor, Rome, Open City Born in Naples and son of the theater and comedy writer Eduardo Scarpetta and Anna De Filippo, and cousin of the most famous and well known Eduardo, Titina and Peppino De Filippo. For some years, starting from 1932, he worked in theater with his most famous cousins and his brother Pasquale, with Lisa Lisette and Eduardo De Filippo ensembles...
20. Pasquale Frustaci Pasquale Frustaci Composer, Yvonne of the Night
21. Amedeo Girardi Amedeo Girardi Actor, Episode #1.3
22. Eduardo Scarpetta Eduardo Scarpetta Writer, Miseria e nobiltà
23. Enzo Giustino Enzo Giustino Self, Diario napoletano
24. Ugo D'Alessio Ugo D'Alessio Actor, Bread and Chocolate
25. Gemma Stagno Bellincioni Gemma Stagno Bellincioni Actress, Satanica
26. Augusto Di Giovanni Augusto Di Giovanni Actor, Sei bambine ed il Perseo
27. Bianca Sollazzo Bianca Sollazzo Actress, Celebrità
28. Paola Riccora Paola Riccora Writer, Giorno di nozze
29. Nino Veglia Nino Veglia Actor, Episode #1.3
30. Roberto Amoroso Roberto Amoroso Writer, A qualcuna piace calvo
31. Eduardo Di Capua Eduardo Di Capua Soundtrack, The Hangover
32. Domenico Rea Domenico Rea Writer, The Nymph Born in Naples, however moved almost immediately to Nocera Inferiore in the Campania region, where he spent most of his childhood and youth, before moving briefly to Milan and once again settling in Naples until his death. He is buried in Nocera Inferiore, where he grew up and was a great inspiration for many of his novels.
33. Giovanni Capurro Giovanni Capurro Soundtrack, The Hangover
34. Teresa De Vita Teresa De Vita Actress, The Last Judgment
35. Ernesto de Curtis Ernesto de Curtis Soundtrack, Bad Education
36. Carlo Jachino Carlo Jachino Actor, Bicycle Thieves
37. Gino Maringola Gino Maringola Actor, Vampirismus
38. Enzo Striano Enzo Striano Writer, Il resto di niente
39. Mimì Ferrari Mimì Ferrari Actor, The City Stands Trial
40. Francesco Dall'Ongaro Francesco Dall'Ongaro Writer, Il fornaretto di Venezia
41. Ernesto Murolo Ernesto Murolo Writer, The Two Mothers
42. Michele Galdieri Michele Galdieri Writer, I Sing for You Alone Son of Rocco Galdieri, famous poet.
43. Marcello D'Orta Marcello D'Orta Writer, Ciao, Professore!
44. Rosalia Maggio Rosalia Maggio Actress, Don't Torture a Duckling
45. Michele Prisco Michele Prisco Writer, A Spiral of Mist
46. Luigi Cioffi Luigi Cioffi Writer, La Luciana
47. Ferdinando Russo Ferdinando Russo Writer, Il buon ladrone
48. Concetta Barra Concetta Barra Actress, La ballata di Eva
49. Gennaro Pasquariello Gennaro Pasquariello Actor, Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeo
50. Luisa Conte Luisa Conte Actress, L'uomo dai calzoni corti
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