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1. Barack Obama Sr. Barack Obama Sr.
2. Wangari Maathai Wangari Maathai Self, The 11th Hour
3. Michaela Denis Michaela Denis Director, Under the Southern Cross Michaela Denis was a pioneer of wildlife television. With her glamorous image and immaculate make-up, she roamed Africa with her husband, Armand. She was charged by a hippopotamus and nearly strangled by a python but never lost her fifties poise. She was born Michaela Wandsworth in London to a White...
4. David Sheldrick David Sheldrick Self, Bloody Ivory
5. Paul N'Gei Paul N'Gei Actor, Ivory Hunter
6. Peter Lukoye Peter Lukoye Actor, Born Free
7. Armand Denis Armand Denis Director, Below the Sahara Armand Denis was an anglo-Belgian filmmaker known known for his documentaries for both the silver screen and television, primarily about Africa. The son of a judge, he was born on December 2, 1896 in Brussels. He moved to England after his World War One military service, where he studied chemistry at Oxford...
8. Jane Morrison Jane Morrison Director, Los dos Mundos de Angelita
9. Mary Leakey Mary Leakey Miscellaneous Crew, Africa: The Serengeti
10. Jasper Maskelyne Jasper Maskelyne Actor, The Dizzy Limit
11. Angelo D'Agostino Angelo D'Agostino
12. Peter Colemore Peter Colemore Miscellaneous Crew, Tarzan's Peril
13. Ann Wanjuga Ann Wanjuga Actress, The Kitchen Toto
14. Julian Horton Julian Horton Writer, Deflated
14 names.