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1. Paul Lukas Paul Lukas Actor, The Lady Vanishes Oscar-winning actor Paul Lukas was born in Hungary and graduated from the School for Dramatic Arts. In 1916 he went to Kosice (Kassa) to be an actor; in 1918 he became an actor specializing in comedy. For ten years he was the most popular character player and romantic lead of the company. In 1918 he began making in Budapest and in the 1920s he began appearing in films in Austria as well...
2. Larry Blyden Larry Blyden Actor, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever Genial, dark-haired, often bespectacled Ivan Lawrence Blieden (pronounced Blee-den), better known as actor Larry Blyden, was born in Houston, Texas, the son of a lawyer. He developed an early interest in acting, appearing in various theater productions as a teen but never entertained the notion of pursuing a career...
3. Jean Lefebvre Jean Lefebvre Actor, Diabolique
4. Marc Porel Marc Porel Actor, Don't Torture a Duckling
5. Mobutu Sese Seko Mobutu Sese Seko Self, When We Were Kings Mobutu Sese Seko was born Joseph Mobutu in Lisala, Belgian Congo. His father was a cook, who died when Mobutu was a child, and his mother was a maid in a hotel. She used her earnings to send him to a Christian Brothers Catholic boarding school for his education. In 1949 he joined the Force Publique...
6. Cathy Rosier Cathy Rosier Actress, Le Samouraï
7. Mohamed Bastaoui Mohamed Bastaoui Actor, Tarfaya
8. Paul Danquah Paul Danquah Actor, A Taste of Honey
9. Paul Bowles Paul Bowles Writer, The Sheltering Sky Composer and author, educated at the University of Virginia, he studied with Aaron Copland and Virgil Thomson, and received Guggenheim and Rockefeller grants. Paul Bowles joined ASCAP in 1945, and he researched folk music in Spain, North Africa, the Antilles, and South and Central America. He lived 52 years in Tangier...
10. Mohammed Afifi Mohammed Afifi Actor, The Mummy
11. Doghmi Larbi Doghmi Larbi Actor, The Man Who Would Be King Larbi doghmi was one of the finest Moroccan actors in the 60s and 70s he worked in more than a hundred plays for theater, TV, and radio. In the early eighties directors from Hollywood began to be interested in him. He then began an international career.
12. Inma de Santis Inma de Santis Actress, Novela
13. Enrico Sabbatini Enrico Sabbatini Costume Designer, Seven Years in Tibet
14. John Glyn-Jones John Glyn-Jones Actor, The Adventures of Hal 5
15. Mohamed Majd Mohamed Majd Actor, Hanna Born in 1940, Mohamed Majd took his first steps on the stage in the late 1950s. After 10 years acting in theaters, he turned to the cinema and acted in the shorts of Abdelmajid R'chich then alongside Anthony Quinn in the historical epic : The Message (1975), Moustapha Akkad. Renowned Moroccan actor at the age of 47...
16. Bernard Dhéran Bernard Dhéran Actor, Ridicule Anyone living in France has necessarily seen or heard Bernard Dhéran, in a theater, in a movie house, on a DVD or on a TV screen. Didn't he interpret dozens and dozens of plays - plays he sometimes directed himself? Wasn't he in 112 films, TV movies or series? Didn't he dub scores of famous actors such as David Niven...
17. His Majesty King Hassan II of Morocco His Majesty King Hassan II of Morocco Miscellaneous Crew, Young Winston
18. Kurt A. Jung Kurt A. Jung Actor, Schlager 1958
19. Chems-Eddine Zinoune Chems-Eddine Zinoune Actor, Journey to Mecca Shemseddine Zinoune is a dancer, actor and choreographer, born in Casablanca where he studied primary and secondary school, then moved to Belgium to study dancing. His father Lahcen Zinoune is a dancer, choreographer, artist painter and a film director, and his mother Michelle Zinoune is a dancer choreographer...
20. Mohammed Choukri Mohammed Choukri Self, Creating a Legend: Paul Bowles' Moroccan Friends
21. Chelita Secunda Chelita Secunda Actress, Born to Boogie Chelita Salvatori was born to a wealthy white Trinidadian family - her mother, Connie, was English, and her father's family were from Corsican origin. As a girl, Chelita was sketched by Pablo Picasso, and was educated at the Lycee in South Kensington, London, and in Paris, from where she ran away because...
22. Bryan Coates Bryan Coates Location Management, Raiders of the Lost Ark
23. Abderrahim Bargache Abderrahim Bargache Actor, Hideous Kinky
24. Ahmed Bouanani Ahmed Bouanani Writer, Aoud rih
25. Fatima Mernissi Fatima Mernissi Writer, Dreams of Trespass
26. Richard Dawking Richard Dawking Art Department, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
27. Mohamed Benbrahim Mohamed Benbrahim Actor, Casanegra
28. Abdelkader Lofti Abdelkader Lofti Actor, Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets
29. Henri Chomette Henri Chomette Director, Le chauffeur de Mademoiselle
30. Hassan Essakali Hassan Essakali Actor, Bye-Bye Souirty
31. Gabriel Veyre Gabriel Veyre Director, Le village de Namo - Panorama pris d'une chaise à porteurs
32. David Herbert David Herbert Actor, Knowing Men
33. Mohamed Hassan Al Joundi Mohamed Hassan Al Joundi Actor, Al Qadisiyya
34. Richard Kotch Richard Kotch
35. J.R.M. Chapman J.R.M. Chapman Actor, Casablanca Express JRM Chapman was born in the UK and studied in Cambridge. He loved to travel, and in the 50s he settled first in Tangier and then in Casablanca where he worked as a travel agent in Olive Branch Tours. He took care of very rich tourists. Chapman loved acting and was president of the amateur dramatic society in Churchill Club in Casablanca...
36. Leo Pescarolo Leo Pescarolo Producer, Dancer in the Dark
37. Francesco Smalto Francesco Smalto Costume and Wardrobe Department, French Fried Vacation
38. Omar Chenbod Omar Chenbod Actor, Casablanca Express
39. Mohamed Mernich Mohamed Mernich Director, Tamazight Ouffela
40. Abdelhadi Tazi Abdelhadi Tazi Cinematographer, Atlantean
41. Abdullah el Baoudi Abdullah el Baoudi Actor, Hemel
42. Doria March Doria March Actress, The Road to Fortune Doria March aka Katharine Hamilton Ewing was born in Montreal in 1893. Her parents, Samuel William Ewing and Ethel Rosina (nee Vickers), were members of Montreal's elite merchant class. In fact, her mother was related to the famous Canadian author Susanna Moodie ("Roughing It in the Bush" (1852). "Doria" married another member of a prominent Montreal family...
43. Ahmed Tayeb Laalej Ahmed Tayeb Laalej Actor, La prière de l'absent
44. Tayeb Saddiki Tayeb Saddiki Actor, L'homme qui brodait des secrets
45. Mohamed Osfour Mohamed Osfour Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Blue Panther
46. Mohamed El Habachi Mohamed El Habachi Actor, Le garde du corps
47. Claude Auchinleck Claude Auchinleck
48. Amal Maarouf Amal Maarouf Actress, Salvation Army
49. Mohamed Basri Mohamed Basri Actor, The Message
50. Medy Ferdaous Medy Ferdaous Actor, Les discours de la méthode
1-50 of 55 names.