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1. Michael Sarrazin Michael Sarrazin Actor, They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Owning a pair of the most incredibly soulful and searching eyes you'll ever find, Michael Sarrazin's poetic drifters crept into Hollywood unobtrusively on little cat's feet, but it didn't take long for him to make his mark. Quiet yet uninhibited, the lean, laconic, fleshy-lipped actor with the intriguingly...
2. Suzanne Cloutier Suzanne Cloutier Actress, Othello Lovely French Canadian actress Suzanne Cloutier, the daughter of the director of the National Printing Office, was born into a large family. She had indeed no fewer than six brothers and sisters. After happily growing up in the heart of nature (her parents had a house in the woods), she became a model in New York...
3. Greg Kramer Greg Kramer Actor, 300
4. Catherine Colvey Catherine Colvey Actress, The Woods
5. Lita Tresierra Lita Tresierra Actress, Assassin's Creed II
6. Walter Massey Walter Massey Actor, Arthur Quebec-based actor whose career has spanned nearly five decades. He studied at the Professional Broadway Workshops under Harold Clurman and Sanford Meisner. He has worked in the United States (notably for Joseph Papp's NY Shakespeare Festival) as well as for many of the major companies in Canada including the Bulldog...
7. Jake Eberts Jake Eberts Producer, Dances with Wolves
8. Vadim Schneider Vadim Schneider Actor, 15/Love
9. Ireneusz Bogajewicz Ireneusz Bogajewicz Actor, The Red Violin
10. Armand Laroche Armand Laroche Actor, The Greatest Game Ever Played
11. John McLeish John McLeish Writer, Fantasia
12. Normand Corbeil Normand Corbeil Composer, Chambres en ville
13. Domini Blythe Domini Blythe Actress, The Trotsky
14. Frédéric Back Frédéric Back Director, The Man Who Planted Trees
15. Janine Sutto Janine Sutto Actress, Congorama Janine Sutto is one of Canada's most celebrated and respected actresses. In a career spanning over 70 years, she has played hundreds of roles on stage, radio and television. She has appeared at major theatres across Canada in productions ranging from classics by Molière and Shakespeare to works by modern Quebec playwrights...
16. Denis Héroux Denis Héroux Producer, MASK
17. Arthur Lipsett Arthur Lipsett Director, Very Nice, Very Nice
18. Dennis St John Dennis St John Actor, 300 He studied drama at the BDL (British Drama League) and in Richmond, Surrey, with no intention or pretension of turning professional. He had a passion for racing motorcycles and cars (bottom rung of the ladder) and became a director of the once-famous Chequered Flag of Chiswick which specialised in selling sports and sports-racing cars...
19. John Dunning John Dunning Producer, Buffalo '66
20. Peter Wintonick Peter Wintonick Editor, Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
21. Henri Poitras Henri Poitras Actor, Un homme et son péché
22. Harold Greenberg Harold Greenberg Producer, Porky's
23. Andrée Basilières Andrée Basilières Actress, Les belles histoires des pays d'en haut
24. André 'Dédé' Fortin André 'Dédé' Fortin Thanks, Dédé, à travers les brumes André 'Dédé' Fortin, author, singer, musician, performer as born on November 17, 1962, in Saint-Thomas-Didyme in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Québec (Canada). André Fortin was tenth in a family of eleven children. He studied cinema in the early 1980s at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal and went on to study cinematography at the Université de Montréal...
25. Martin Kevan Martin Kevan Actor, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
26. André Mathieu André Mathieu Music Department, Whispering City
27. Kate McGarrigle Kate McGarrigle Soundtrack, The Squid and the Whale
28. Charles Biddle Sr. Charles Biddle Sr. Actor, The Whole Nine Yards
29. Tania Fédor Tania Fédor Actress, À tout prendre
30. René Caron René Caron Actor, Le frère André
31. Pierre Thériault Pierre Thériault Actor, La piastre
32. Jacques Lorain Jacques Lorain Actor, Pousse mais pousse égal
33. Kliment Denchev Kliment Denchev Actor, Maelstrom
34. Guy Provost Guy Provost Actor, Orderers As his father had an amateur theatre troup in Hull, he began acting as a child. In the 1940s he became a member of "Les Compagnons de St-Laurent", a theatre troup directed by Father Émile Legault, in which he worked with Gilles Pelletier, Jean Coutu and others. Later going to France, he worked first...
35. John Buell John Buell Writer, The Pyx
36. M. Charles Cohen M. Charles Cohen Writer, Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy
37. Louise Rémy Louise Rémy Actress, Passe-Partout
38. Terrence Labrosse Terrence Labrosse Actor, The Mysterious Cities of Gold
39. Gilles Latulippe Gilles Latulippe Actor, Pousse mais pousse égal
40. Tom Hopkins Tom Hopkins Art Department, The Moderns
41. Lynne De Bel Lynne De Bel Actress, The Day After Tomorrow
42. Mircea Septilici Mircea Septilici Actor, Banchetul
43. Claude Michaud Claude Michaud Actor, Les deux pieds dans la même bottine
44. Mary Meigs Mary Meigs Actress, Strangers in Good Company
45. Luce Guilbeault Luce Guilbeault Actress, La maudite galette
46. Pierre Gauvreau Pierre Gauvreau Writer, Le temps d'une paix
47. Jean-Louis Roux Jean-Louis Roux Actor, C.R.A.Z.Y.
48. André Myron André Myron Actor, La liberté d'une statue
49. Sergei Priselkov Sergei Priselkov Actor, Get Smart
50. Tom Daly Tom Daly Producer, City of Gold
1-50 of 185 names.