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1. Catherine Bégin Catherine Bégin Actress, Martyrs
2. Norman McLaren Norman McLaren Producer, Neighbours Norman McClaren is one of the most awarded filmmakers in the history of Canadian cinema, and a pioneer in both animation and filmmaking. Born in Scotland, he entered the Glasgow School of Fine Arts in 1932 to study set design. His early experiments in animation included actually scratching and painting the film stock itself...
3. Barbara Bennett Barbara Bennett Actress, Syncopation
4. John Buchan John Buchan Writer, The 39 Steps
5. Don Drysdale Don Drysdale Self, 1979 World Series Video: Pittsburgh Pirates vs Baltimore Orioles
6. Claude Jutra Claude Jutra Director, Mon oncle Antoine He finished his medical studies at the age of 22 to please his parents, but he was already developing an attraction to the visual arts and to cinema. As a teenager, he had made two shorts with Michel Brault. In 1953, he wrote a television script. He joined the Office national du film du Canada (National Film Board) in 1954...
7. Rita Lafontaine Rita Lafontaine Actress, La grande séduction
8. Donald Ranvaud Donald Ranvaud Producer, City of God
9. Pierre Trudeau Pierre Trudeau Self, Le confort et l'indifférence Pierre Trudeau was born Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau on October 18, 1919 in Montreal, Quebec. He was the son of Charles-Émile Trudeau and Grace Elliott. Trudeau had an older sister and a younger brother, Suzette and Charles Jr. Trudeau's father died when Pierre was 15. After that, Trudeau and his brother and sister were raised by their mother...
10. Jaclyn Linetsky Jaclyn Linetsky Actress, Caillou
11. Mike Phillips Mike Phillips Actor, The Last of the Mohicans
12. Mordecai Richler Mordecai Richler Writer, Fun with Dick and Jane
13. Douglas Campbell Douglas Campbell Actor, Strange Brew
14. Pierre Falardeau Pierre Falardeau Director, 15 février 1839
15. Anna Leonowens Anna Leonowens Writer, Anna and the King Anna Edwards was born in India in 1834, the daughter of a cabinetmaker who died three months before her birth. Her mother then remarried to officer in the Engineers who sent Anna and her sister, Eliza, to a school in England. The girls returned to India as teenagers and Anna escaped her stepfather's...
16. Claire Richard Claire Richard Actress, Emmanuelle II
17. David Scott David Scott Actor, This Is Elvis
18. Jean-Louis Millette Jean-Louis Millette Actor, Le confessionnal
19. André Mélançon André Mélançon Director, La guerre des tuques
20. François Barbeau François Barbeau Costume Designer, Laurence Anyways
21. Maurice Richard Maurice Richard Self, Legends of Hockey
22. Yvon Leroux Yvon Leroux Actor, Windigo
23. Serge Turgeon Serge Turgeon Actor, The Mystery of the Million Dollar Hockey Puck
24. Yvon Dufour Yvon Dufour Actor, The Lucky Star
25. Jean Duceppe Jean Duceppe Actor, Mon oncle Antoine
26. The Great Antonio The Great Antonio Actor, Quest for Fire Born in 1925, "The Great Antonio" or "Le Grand Antonio" for the French CanadianS that knew him, was a legendary Strongman who lived in Montreal since His arrival after the WWII. He became famous by pulling four city buses full of passengers. He appeared in Quest for Fire and the Abominable Snowman (1996 version) and had many TV appearances like in the Johnny Carson show...
27. Griffith Brewer Griffith Brewer Actor, Possible Worlds
28. Luc Durand Luc Durand Actor, Inon
29. Francis Mankiewicz Francis Mankiewicz Director, Les bons débarras A distant relative of Herman and Joseph Mankiewicz, Francis was born in Shangaï in 1944. In 1945, his family moved to Montreal, where Francis would spend all his childhood. In the sixties, he graduated in Geology from Montreal University and worked in the woods for a while before realizing geology might not be his true calling...
30. Jean Guilda Jean Guilda Actor, Pousse mais pousse égal
31. Norman Field Norman Field Actor, The Twonky
32. Alan Mills Alan Mills Actor, Adventures in Rainbow Country
33. Jean Coutu Jean Coutu Actor, Nikki, Wild Dog of the North
34. Paul Buissonneau Paul Buissonneau Actor, Le p'tit Varius Paul Buissonneau started his career as a singer with french chorus "Les Compagnons de la Chanson". While the chorus was touring North America with Édith Piaf, Paul left the "Compagnons" and stayed in Canada. He became actor, put on stage many plays and revues, particularly for children (Quebec baby-boomers surely remember his "Roulotte") and made many T...
35. Steve Fiset Steve Fiset Actor, Fleur bleue
36. Ben Weider Ben Weider Self, Bodybuilders
37. Robin Spry Robin Spry Producer, Hitting Home
38. Maurice G. Dantec Maurice G. Dantec Writer, Babylon A.D.
39. Benoît Girard Benoît Girard Actor, Maurice Richard
40. Victor Désy Victor Désy Actor, Scanners
41. Camille Ducharme Camille Ducharme Actor, Twice Upon a Time...
42. André Montmorency André Montmorency Actor, Mars et Avril
43. Micheline Charest Micheline Charest Producer, Arthur
44. Reynald Bouchard Reynald Bouchard Actor, La veuve de Saint-Pierre
45. Yvonne Dionne Yvonne Dionne Actress, Five Times Five
46. Julien Bessette Julien Bessette Actor, Tomahawk
47. Françoise Graton Françoise Graton Actress, L'âge des ténèbres
48. Jacqueline Plouffe Jacqueline Plouffe Actress, Les belles histoires des pays d'en haut
49. Denise Pelletier Denise Pelletier Actress, Night Cap
50. Marc Favreau Marc Favreau Actor, Le chapeau ou L'histoire d'un malentendu
1-50 of 281 names.