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1. Martine Carol Martine Carol Actress, Lola Montès France's major sex siren of the early 50s, this lesser-remembered post-war French pastry pre-dated bombshell Brigitte Bardot by a few years but her brief reign did not compare and has not lived up to the Bardot era. The cult mystique is not there even after dying mysteriously and relatively young. Martine was born Marie-Louise Mourer on May 16...
2. René Clément René Clément Director, Forbidden Games René Clément was one of the leading French directors of the post-World War II era. He directed what are regarded as some of the greatest films of the time, such as The Battle of the Rails, Forbidden Games and The Day and the Hour. He was later almost forgotten as a director. He was back in public attention briefly when his epic Is Paris Burning? (with an all-star cast of famous actors) was released in 1966...
3. Bella Darvi Bella Darvi Actress, Hell and High Water Bella Darvi became a 50s symbol for one of the many movie "Cinderellas" whose bright and beautiful Hollywood fairy tale would come crashing down, ending in bitterness and tragedy. A self-destructive brunette beauty, her life was full of misfortune. Of Polish/French descent, she miraculously survived the tortures of a WWII concentration camp as a youth...
4. Lady Colyton Lady Colyton Thanks, The Addams Family
5. Franco Cristaldi Franco Cristaldi Producer, Cinema Paradiso
6. Lily Langtry Lily Langtry Actress, His Neighbor's Wife
7. Elizabeth Bradley Elizabeth Bradley Actress, An American Werewolf in London
8. Frank Launder Frank Launder Writer, The Lady Vanishes Frank Launder started as a scriptwriter in the 1930s on such classics as The Lady Vanishes and Night Train to Munich. He joined forces with Sidney Gilliat and together they Wrote, Directed and Produced over 40 films. Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat are most famous for their St. Trinian's films.
9. Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast Director, Laughter Harry d'Arrast's entry into the movie industry was somewhat unusual--he was wounded while serving in the French army during WW I, and while recuperating in a military hospital met French-born American film director George Fitzmaurice, who invited him to come to Hollywood after he had recovered. He did so...
10. Stig Järrel Stig Järrel Actor, Torment Once one of Sweden's hardest working actors, he has descibed himself as a workaholic during the 1940s. He has played all kinds of roles, both comedy as in Fram för lilla Märta eller På livets ödesvägar as well as the psychotic teacher Caligula in Alf Sjöberg's Torment. And although he only did smaller roles in a lot of films...
11. Mike Bongiorno Mike Bongiorno Self, Totò lascia o raddoppia? Best known as the king of the Italian Quiz show. He hosts, among others: "Lascia o Raddoppia", "Rischiatutto" (The Italian "Jeopardy") and more than 3,000 airings of "La Ruota della Fortuna" ("The Wheel of Fortune")with Miriana Trevisan for Rete 4 TV. Bongiorno was married 3 times, with his last wife, Daniela Zuccoli, they had 3 children.
12. Renzo Rossellini Renzo Rossellini Composer, Rome, Open City
13. Gian Carlo Menotti Gian Carlo Menotti Writer, The Medium
14. Lorenzo Bandini Lorenzo Bandini Actor, Grand Prix Italian race driver Lorenzo Bandini started out his career like so many other race drivers, that of a mechanic. From there he progressed to driving the cars and was successful as a sports car driver, rally racer and ultimately Grand Prix driver. He drove for three major Grand Prix teams, Cooper, BRM and the world famous Ferrari...
15. Charlott Daudert Charlott Daudert Actress, Seitensprünge Whatever her limitations as an actress, Charlott Daudert made up for with wide-eyed effervescence and a cute, feisty personality. The bubbly blonde began working life as editor of the children's section of a newspaper (as 'Aunty Charlotte') in her home town of Königsberg, East Prussia. She also dabbled in drafting costume designs...
16. Charles Pathé Charles Pathé Producer, The Wheel
17. Chauncey Olcott Chauncey Olcott Soundtrack, Return to Me
18. Jeanne Stuart Jeanne Stuart Actress, Murder on the Set
19. John Gilpin John Gilpin Actor, Theatre of Blood
20. Paul Paray Paul Paray Soundtrack, Sour Grapes
21. Paul Colin Paul Colin Set Decorator, Les Misérables
22. Nicole Milinaire Nicole Milinaire Producer, Foreign Intrigue
23. Monty M. Berman Monty M. Berman Costume and Wardrobe Department, The Guns of Navarone
24. John Sutro John Sutro Producer, The Way Ahead
25. Cécile Chaminade Cécile Chaminade Soundtrack, Goin' South
26. Hugh Conway Hugh Conway Writer, Called Back
27. Attilio Veraldi Attilio Veraldi Writer, The Payoff
28. Margarete Wallmann Margarete Wallmann Miscellaneous Crew, Anna Karenina
29. Yakov Kreizberg Yakov Kreizberg Self, Don Giovanni
30. István Gyulai István Gyulai Self, Pofonok völgye, avagy Papp Lacit nem lehet legyözni
31. Alberto Erede Alberto Erede Soundtrack, New York Stories
32. Lys Gauty Lys Gauty Actress, Street Singer
33. Ernest Marples Ernest Marples Self, Election 70
34. Gabriel Trarieux Gabriel Trarieux Writer, La brebis perdue
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