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1. Mabel Normand Mabel Normand Actress, Tillie's Punctured Romance Mabel Normand was one of the comedy greats of early film. In an era when women are deemed 'not funny enough' it seems film history has forgotten her contributions. Her films debuted the Keystone Cops, Charlie Chaplin's tramp and the pie in the face gag. She co-starred with both Chaplin and Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle in a series of shorts...
2. Henry B. Walthall Henry B. Walthall Actor, The Birth of a Nation Henry B. Walthall was a respected stage actor who became a favorite of pioneering film director D.W. Griffith. Born in 1878 in Alabama, Walthall embarked on a law career but quit law school in 1898 to enlist in the US Army in order to fight in the Spanish-American War. Returning from the war he decided to take up an acting career instead of the law...
3. Matthew Ansara Matthew Ansara Actor, Con Games
4. Rush Williams Rush Williams Actor, Rocky Mountain
5. Felicia Tang Felicia Tang Actress, The Fast and the Furious
6. Don Mankiewicz Don Mankiewicz Writer, I Want to Live! Donald Mankiewicz was born in Berlin into an illustrious creative family, his father being the screen-writer Herman Mankiewicz and his uncle film director Joseph Mankiewicz, whilst his brother Frank would also distinguish himself as a journalist. Brought up in Beverly Hills - where his parents' dinner guests numbered the biggest screen stars of the 1930s...
7. A.E. Anson A.E. Anson Actor, Arrowsmith
8. Dorothy Yost Dorothy Yost Writer, The Gay Divorcee
9. Baron De Beer Baron De Beer Actor, Bananas
10. Harry Watson Harry Watson Actor, Showing Some Speed
11. Gilda Gales Gilda Gales Actress, Susi ng kalangitan Gilda Gales was one of those temptresses of the movie screen who captivated the hearts of many Filipinos during the years preceding World War Two. In an American-dominated Filipino movie industry in the 1930s, she managed to shine as a star, but her physical ailments have hampered her otherwise promising career as an actress...
12. Diana Miller Diana Miller Actress, The Rainbow Trail
13. George Probert George Probert Music Department, Dallas
14. Terry Tooley Terry Tooley
15. Beatrice La Plante Beatrice La Plante Actress, Merely a Maid
16. Dwight Cummins Dwight Cummins Writer, The Roy Rogers Show
17. Lars Hauglie Lars Hauglie Writer, They Are Among Us
18. Nicholas Kobliansky Nicholas Kobliansky Actor, The Patriot
19. Lazar Freed Lazar Freed Actor, Love and Sacrifice
20. Dwight Cummings Dwight Cummings Writer, The Reckoning
21. Pansy Perry Pansy Perry Actress, The Girl from Montana
22. Bob Koritzke Bob Koritzke Producer, The Haunting of Seaside
23. Frances Burnham Frances Burnham Actress, On the Jump
24. George Foster Platt George Foster Platt Director, Deliverance
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