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1. Jean Byron Jean Byron Actress, Invisible Invaders A true sunny delight, actress Jean Byron will be fondly remembered for her three-season-long role as vivacious "Natalie Lane", the grounding mom of "identical cousin" Patty Duke on The Patty Duke Show, the one who was always around to help teenage Patty regroup when "a hot dog made her lose control"...
2. David A. Prior David A. Prior Writer, Night Wars
3. Phil Gordon Phil Gordon Miscellaneous Crew, A Star Named Arnold Is Born: Part 2
4. William Moody William Moody Actor, WrestleMania IX William Moody went to Mobile's Catholic School, and later graduated from the McGill Institute. After enlisting in the U.S. Air Force and completing basic training, he recieved his honorable discharge and went straight into a Funeral Director service job. Moody was a regular at Gulf Coast Wrestling events in Mobile...
5. Mason Curry Mason Curry Actor, Magazine Writer
6. Dwain Luce Dwain Luce Self, Pride of Our Nation: June 1944 - August 1944
7. Katie King Katie King Uncategorised
8. Sidney Phillips Sidney Phillips Self, FUBAR: September 1944 - December 1944
9. Eugene Walter Eugene Walter Actor, For the 2001 release of the book "Milking the Moon", which is actually an "oral autobiography" of many hours of tape recorded conversations that Eugene Walter had with novelist Katherine Clark, the publishers are promoting Eugene as "the most well-known man you've never heard of." After three years in Alaska as an Army cryptographer during World War II...
10. Lil Greenwood Lil Greenwood Actress, My Father's House
11. William Skipper William Skipper Actor, Up in Central Park
12. Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Writer, St. Elmo Augusta Jane Evans Wilson grew up in Alabama, from whence her family had moved from Georgia due to her father's economic woes. Wilson was one of the last major authors of the domestic novel, a genre focusing on the personal growth of a female character, usually including a major plot. An erudite woman...
13. Harry Galbreath Harry Galbreath Self, 1995 NFC Championship Game
14. Zena Savine Zena Savine Actress, Roberta
15. Wayne Frazier Wayne Frazier Self, AFL-NFL World Championship Game
16. Red Rollings Red Rollings Self, Fast Company
17. Joe Sewell Joe Sewell Uncategorised
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