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1. Duane Jones Duane Jones Actor, Night of the Living Dead Cult figure who will forever be remembered as Ben, the resourceful yet ill-fated hero of George A. Romero's low-budget zombie film Night of the Living Dead. Jones was a former English professor who directed at the Maguire Theater at the Old Westbury campus of New York State University, and he additionally served as artistic director at the Richard Allen Center in New York City...
2. Paul Ford Paul Ford Actor, The Phil Silvers Show If any man ever had a character face absolutely made for TV and film, it was Paul Ford. Small-eyed, lugubrious, pot-bellied, balding and with a plum nose to rival Karl Malden, Ford was a rather wanderlust family man who decided to give acting a try in his early 40. He excelled at puppetry and found work staging such shows at the World's Fair...
3. James Barton James Barton Actor, The Misfits
4. Cliff Montgomery Cliff Montgomery Self, Hollywood Newsreel
5. Sonny Terry Sonny Terry Soundtrack, Gangs of New York
6. Grace Williams Grace Williams Actress, Her Inspiration
7. Allan Gavin Allan Gavin Actor, Undefeated
7 names.