5 names.

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1. Carla Cipriani Carla Cipriani Writer, Monella
2. Franziska Kinz Franziska Kinz Actress, Diary of a Lost Girl Franziska Kinz was a singer, stage and film actress. In 1924, she studied with Fritz Basil. After 4 months, he gave her a job at the Staatstheater in Munich. In 1930, she played in Darmstadt, in 1933, at the Kammerspielen, Schiller and Deutschen Theater in Berlin, and afterwards, in Vienna and Munich...
3. Karl Schedereit Karl Schedereit Director, The Year of the Machete
4. Karl Peukert Karl Peukert Actor, Funkstreife Isar 12
5. Christian Morgenstern Christian Morgenstern Writer, Peer Gynt
5 names.