15 names.

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1. Marvin H. Albert Marvin H. Albert Writer, Duel at Diablo
2. Henri Colpi Henri Colpi Director, The Long Absence
3. Marie Burke Marie Burke Actress, Seance on a Wet Afternoon
4. Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Writer, Blood and Sand
5. Stanislas-André Steeman Stanislas-André Steeman Writer, L'assassin habite... au 21
6. Anatoli Lunacharsky Anatoli Lunacharsky Writer, Salamandra
7. Georges Wague Georges Wague Actor, Paris pendant la guerre
8. Richard Le Gallienne Richard Le Gallienne Writer, The Chain Invisible
9. Alfred Hegenscheidt Alfred Hegenscheidt Writer, Starkadd
10. Tony Laurent Tony Laurent Actor, The Battle of the Rails
11. G. Bruno G. Bruno Writer, Le tour de France par deux enfants
12. Wendy Reves Wendy Reves Self, The Churchills Wendy (born Wynnelle) Russell was a well-known New York City print model when she met Hungarian-born Emery Reves, a writer and newspaper publisher who had worked closely with Winston Churchill during World War II, and later published the wartime memoirs of Churchill, Lord Montgomery and General Dwight D...
13. Cyril Harcourt Cyril Harcourt Writer, A Pair of Silk Stockings
14. Garnet Joseph Wolseley Garnet Joseph Wolseley Self, Lord Wolseley Reviewing the Scots Greys and Highlanders
15. Michel Warren Michel Warren Self, Le fantôme d'Henri Langlois
15 names.