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1. Sandro Sandro Actor, Subí que te llevo Sandro was born on August 19, 1945, as Roberto Sanchez. He began the secondary school and was expelled in the first year. In 1960 he formed of his first band of music called "Blue Trio" (Trío Azul). Later, when one of the members of the group gone, turned into the duo "The Caribs" (Los Caribes). Dissolved The Caribs in few time...
2. Augusto Kretschmar Augusto Kretschmar Actor, La muerte de Sebastián Arache y su pobre entierro
3. Ramón Gutiérrez del Barrio Ramón Gutiérrez del Barrio Composer, Rescate de sangre
4. Leo Marini Leo Marini Actor, Sueña, mi amor
5. Rafael Obligado Rafael Obligado Writer, Nobleza gaucha
6. Edgardo Pallero Edgardo Pallero Producer, Brasil Verdade
6 names.