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1. Evelyn Ankers Evelyn Ankers Actress, The Wolf Man Evelyn Ankers, a beautiful movie actress who was a staple of Universal's horror films in the 1940s, was born in Chile to English parents in 1918. Her parents repatriated the family back to England in the 1920s, and it was in Old Blighty that Ankers developed a desire to become an actress. She began appearing in small roles in English movies in the mid 1930s while she was still in school...
2. Pamela Jean Bryant Pamela Jean Bryant Actress, H.O.T.S. Lovely, buxom and shapely blonde knockout Pamela Jean Bryant was born on February 8, 1959 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bryant attended Indiana University as a telecommunications major. Pamela was the Playmate of the Month in the April, 1978 issue of "Playboy". She had previously appeared in the September...
3. Wyatt Knight Wyatt Knight Actor, Porky's
4. Walter Becker Walter Becker Soundtrack, American Hustle
5. Robert John Pittman Robert John Pittman Actor, Dennis the Menace
6. Wayne Dyer Wayne Dyer Self, The Shift
7. Charles A. Lindbergh Charles A. Lindbergh Writer, The Spirit of St. Louis
8. Richard L. Duran Richard L. Duran Stunts, Con Air
9. Austin Green Austin Green Actor, Ring of Terror
10. Jeanne Parr Jeanne Parr Self, What's My Line?
11. Gerry Red Wilson Gerry Red Wilson Actor, That's Life
12. James Warren James Warren Actor, Code of the West The minor Ohio-born star of a few late 40s second-string westerns, James Warren is hardly remembered at all except maybe to trivia enthusiasts. Tall, taciturn, lean and durably handsome, he certainly had what it took. Jim worked as an illustrator in New York with his art at one time appearing in Life...
13. Joan Winmill Brown Joan Winmill Brown Actress, Souls in Conflict
14. Melissa Martin Melissa Martin Actress, Death Becomes Her
15. William F. Brown William F. Brown Writer, The Wiz
16. Kimmer Ringwald Kimmer Ringwald Producer, Jake and the Fatman
17. Ralph Blum Ralph Blum Writer, Mysteries from Beyond Earth
18. Larry Kirsch Larry Kirsch Miscellaneous Crew, Starman
19. Mark West Mark West Actor, Jawbreaker
20. Kotoko Kawamura Kotoko Kawamura Actress, Memoirs of a Geisha Kotoko Kawamura resided in Santa Monica, California for over 40 years before coming to Maui, where she was a volunteer at Roosevelt Elementary School and The Santa Monica Historical Society. A keen animal lover, she had many pets throughout her life, and loved animals, children, people, and life. Like a cat...
21. Martha Wilkerson Martha Wilkerson Writer, Hard, Fast and Beautiful
22. Christiane Covington Christiane Covington Miscellaneous Crew, Conversations with Other Women
23. Edward Haldeman Edward Haldeman Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Flipper
24. Lane Venardos Lane Venardos Producer, Teleflora Presents America's Favorite Mom
25. John Severson John Severson Director, Pacific Vibrations
26. Samuel F. Pryor Samuel F. Pryor Self, To Tell the Truth
27. David Kapralik David Kapralik Actor, The Holy Mountain
28. Charlie Sumner Charlie Sumner
29. Lloyd S. Edwards Lloyd S. Edwards Art Department, Objective, Burma!
30. Walter P. Young Sr. Walter P. Young Sr. Actor, Hawaii Five-O
31. Nona Beamer Nona Beamer Self, KiHo Alu-Keola Beamer
32. Paul F. Wiser Paul F. Wiser Sound Department, Ann Vickers
33. George Steven York George Steven York Actor, Inquisitor
34. E.H. Eric E.H. Eric Actor, Tokyo yoitoko
35. Steve Stone Steve Stone Actor, Dead Drunk
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