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1. Madeleine Carroll Madeleine Carroll Actress, The 39 Steps The original ash-blonde "iceberg maiden", Madeleine Carroll was a knowing beauty with a confident air, the epitome of poise and "breeding". Not only did she have looks and allure in abundance, but she had intellectual heft to go with them, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Birmingham University at the age of 20...
2. Ricardo Montez Ricardo Montez Actor, Mamma Mia!
3. Mike Reid Mike Reid Actor, Snatch.
4. Jean Negulesco Jean Negulesco Director, How to Marry a Millionaire Jean Negulesco made his reputation as a director of both polished, popular entertainments as well as critically acclaimed dramatic pictures in the 1940s and 1950s. Born in Craiova, Romania, he left home at age 12, ending up in Paris. He earned some money washing dishes, which paid for his art tuition...
5. Peter Viertel Peter Viertel Writer, White Hunter Black Heart Peter Viertel, a WWII veteran whose first novel was published to glowing reviews when he was only 18, was born of parents of the European intelligentsia, refugees from Adolf Hitler's Europe. Brought up in Hollywood, in a household where Greta Garbo (his mother's closest friend), Bertolt Brecht Thomas Mann...
6. Joan Barry Joan Barry Actress, East of Shanghai Joan Barry was born in 1903. At the age of 15 she had her first small part in "Luck of the Navy". Some of her talking pictures were: "Head Waiter", A Man of Mayfair and Rome Express, while her her first title role was in the film Sally Bishop. Joan is likely to be remembered best for the uncredited role as the voice of Anny Ondra in the first British Talkie Blackmail...
7. Hasse Ekman Hasse Ekman Writer, Gabrielle Being the son of actor / theatre director Gösta Ekman, it was natural for him to start a career in the movie business. He was first noticed for playing against his father in Intermezzo. He also showed a talent for writing, and his first script was filmed as Blixt och dunder. Producer Lorens Marmstedt...
8. Julio Peña Julio Peña Actor, Horror Express
9. Espartaco Santoni Espartaco Santoni Actor, The Castilian
10. Alvin Lee Alvin Lee Soundtrack, Woodstock
11. Fulgencio Batista Fulgencio Batista Self, The Square World of Jack Paar Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar was born in the small town of Banes in Oriente Province, Cuba, on January 16, 1901. His parents were workers on a sugar plantation and Batista, not wanting to spend the rest of his life cutting sugar cane, joined the army when he turned 20. He rose steadily, if unspectacularly...
12. Boz Burrell Boz Burrell Self, Bad Company: The Official Authorised 40th Anniversary Documentary
13. Prinz Alfonso von und zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg Prinz Alfonso von und zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg Self, Episode #1.1
14. Francesca Braggiotti Francesca Braggiotti Actress, Scipione l'africano
15. Ken Moule Ken Moule Music Department, The Execution
16. Marguerite Namara Marguerite Namara Actress, Stolen Moments
17. Luis Sanz Luis Sanz Director, Yo soy ésa
18. Ruth Luoma-Aho Ruth Luoma-Aho Actress, Light Melody
19. Otto Ernst Remer Otto Ernst Remer Self, The World at War
20. Heimo Haitto Heimo Haitto Actor, Pikku pelimannista viulun kuninkaaksi By 1939, Heimo Haitto was, at 14, already well-known as a violinist throughout his native Finland and Europe. The Russo-Finnish war threw family life into disarray. Heimo's father decided to send his prodigy son to the States together with the boy's music teacher, Boris Sirpo who took him to safety in America and settled in Los Angeles. Heimo's 2 brothers and 1 sister remained in Finland...
21. Kay Bannerman Kay Bannerman Writer, The Swingin' Maiden
22. Luis Calvo Teixeira Luis Calvo Teixeira Director, Episode dated 24 July 1980
23. Ignacio García-Valiño Ignacio García-Valiño Writer, Son of Cain
24. Antonio Herrero Antonio Herrero Self, Episode dated 8 March 1990
25. Terry Lawless Terry Lawless Self, Terry Lawless
26. Félix Bayón Félix Bayón Writer, Adosados
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