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1. Kathy Staff Kathy Staff Actress, Mary Reilly
2. Norman Rossington Norman Rossington Actor, A Hard Day's Night Spade-jawed British character actor Norman Rossington was born in Liverpool, so it shouldn't be considered THAT ironic that he would end up appearing in The Beatles' debut film smash, A Hard Day's Night, as "Norm", the Fab Four's chagrined road manager. The son of a publican, he never finished high school...
3. Quentin Crisp Quentin Crisp Actor, Orlando Quentin Crisp was born Denis Pratt on Christmas Day, 1908, in the London suburb of Sutton. He the youngest of four children; his father was lawyer, mother former nursery governess. In his autobiographical work, "The Naked Civil Servant", he describes a difficult childhood in a rigorously homophobic society...
4. Patricia Phoenix Patricia Phoenix Actress, The L-Shaped Room Bold, brassy and larger than life, Pat Phoenix was television's favourite scarlet woman. For nearly 25 years, she dominated the soap opera Coronation Street in the role of Elsie Tanner and sent shivers down the spines of Britain's menfolk twice a week. With her low cut cleavage, she was known as "the...
5. Anne Kirkbride Anne Kirkbride Actress, Episode #1.8450
6. Rosalie Williams Rosalie Williams Actress, The Eligible Bachelor
7. Peter Caffrey Peter Caffrey Actor, A Love Divided
8. Tony Wilson Tony Wilson Self, Behind the Scenes: Agatha Christie's Poirot
9. Paul Farrell Paul Farrell Actor, A Clockwork Orange
10. Frank Sidebottom Frank Sidebottom Actor, Episode #8.4
11. Mark Hall Mark Hall Producer, The BFG
12. Maggie Jones Maggie Jones Actress, Episode #1.7068
13. Betty Ann Davies Betty Ann Davies Actress, The Passionate Friends
14. Gareth Jones Gareth Jones Actor, Noon on Doomsday
15. Les Dawson Les Dawson Self, Episode #1.4
16. Doris Speed Doris Speed Actress, Episode #1.2263 Doris Speed was one of Britain's best-loved soap actresses, fondly remembered for her portrayal of Annie Walker, the snooty landlady of the Rovers Return pub in ITV's Coronation Street. She played the role for 23 years and was dubbed by the press as 'The Queen Mother of Soap.' Born in Manchester, her father George was a singer and her mother Ada a repertory actress...
17. Margot Bryant Margot Bryant Actress, Episode #1.1350
18. Bernard Manning Bernard Manning Self, The Great British Striptease
19. Sean Flanagan Sean Flanagan Actor, The King's Dragon
20. Peter Wheeler Peter Wheeler Actor, The Vicious Circle Awards: 3
21. Jill Summers Jill Summers Actress, Episode #1.3567 Jill Summers was best known to British TV viewers for her role as the gravel-voiced battleaxe Phyllis Pearce in ITV's Coronation Street but before winning fame in the soap she had a long career as a singer in revue and variety. Born in Eccles, Lancashire, the daughter of actress Marie Santoni, her father worked in a circus as a tightrope walker...
22. Johnny Maxfield Johnny Maxfield Actor, The Dresser
23. Randal Herley Randal Herley Actor, Episode #6.4
24. Iris Sharples Iris Sharples Actress, Boy A
25. Brian Mills Brian Mills Director, The Hound of the Baskervilles
26. Marian Spencer Marian Spencer Actress, Seance on a Wet Afternoon
27. Ruth Holden Ruth Holden Actress, Threads
28. Peter Dudley Peter Dudley Actor, Episode #1.2081
29. Beatrix Fielden-Kaye Beatrix Fielden-Kaye Actress, No Limit
30. Paul Berry Paul Berry Animation Department, James and the Giant Peach
31. Sheridan Grant Sheridan Grant Actress, Mother and Father Doing Well
32. Tony Monopoly Tony Monopoly Self, Episode #3.3
33. Derek Leckenby Derek Leckenby Self, When the Boys Meet the Girls
34. Louis Golding Louis Golding Writer, Mr. Emmanuel
35. Colin Crompton Colin Crompton Actor, Terry Webster and Dictionary
36. Katy Jones Katy Jones Producer, The Mark of Cain
37. Arthur Ransome Arthur Ransome Writer, The First World War
38. Gertie Almond Gertie Almond Actress, Yanks
39. Kesha Wizzart Kesha Wizzart Self, Episode #3.8
40. Derick Williams Derick Williams Cinematographer, Johnny in the Clouds
41. Stanley Houghton Stanley Houghton Writer, Fanny Hawthorne
42. Gil Beresford Gil Beresford Actress, The Mumbo Jumbo
43. Phil Chilvers Phil Chilvers Director, Absolutely
44. Bob Greaves Bob Greaves Self, What's the Word?
45. Alison Bayley Alison Bayley Actress, Pitfall
46. Liam Foster Liam Foster Production Manager, Best
47. John Irwin John Irwin Producer, Kaleidoscope
48. Alvaro de la Iglesia Alvaro de la Iglesia Writer, El caso de la mujer asesinadita
49. Brian Bassett Brian Bassett Art Department, The Crying Game
50. Jean Busby Jean Busby Self, Matt Busby
1-50 of 75 names.