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1. Caroline Aherne Caroline Aherne Actress, The Mrs. Merton Show
2. Kathy Staff Kathy Staff Actress, Last of the Summer Wine
3. Maggie Jones Maggie Jones Actress, Coronation Street
4. Patricia Phoenix Patricia Phoenix Actress, Coronation Street Bold, brassy and larger than life, Pat Phoenix was television's favourite scarlet woman. For nearly 25 years, she dominated the soap opera Coronation Street in the role of Elsie Tanner and sent shivers down the spines of Britain's menfolk twice a week. With her low cut cleavage, she was known as "the...
5. Bernard Manning Bernard Manning Self, The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club
6. Mark Hall Mark Hall Producer, Danger Mouse
7. Doris Speed Doris Speed Actress, Coronation Street Doris Speed was one of Britain's best-loved soap actresses, fondly remembered for her portrayal of Annie Walker, the snooty landlady of the Rovers Return pub in ITV's Coronation Street. She played the role for 23 years and was dubbed by the press as 'The Queen Mother of Soap.' Born in Manchester, her father George was a singer and her mother Ada a repertory actress...
8. Bill Lennard Bill Lennard Self, Bullseye
9. Randal Herley Randal Herley Actor, Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel
10. Jean Busby Jean Busby Self, This Is Your Life
11. Ray Fitzwalter Ray Fitzwalter Editor, World in Action
12. Billy Meredith Billy Meredith Self, The Ball of Fortune To anyone even remotely interested in football, the name of Billy Meredith is legendary; he was truly one of the greatest players of his era. His career was spent between both Manchester clubs for whom he played thirty-five years of League football, between 1894 and 1924. He also played forty-eight games for his national team Wales over a thirty-five year period...
13. Julian Niman Julian Niman Music Department, The Penny Pool
14. Derick Williams Derick Williams Producer, Strange Experiences
15. Bob Greaves Bob Greaves Self, What's the Word?
16. Chaim Ferscer Chaim Ferscer
17. Cynthia Michaelis Cynthia Michaelis Actress, Bullseye!
18. Bud Ralston Bud Ralston Actor, Cup Fever
18 names.