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1. Michèle Girardon Michèle Girardon Actress, Hatari!
2. Auguste Lumière Auguste Lumière Producer, Bataille de neige Although it is his brother Louis Lumière who is generally acclaimed as the "father of the cinema", Auguste Lumiere also made a major contribution towards the development of the medium, first by helping with the invention and construction of the cinematographe (the world's first camera and projection mechanism)...
3. Marie-Françoise Audollent Marie-Françoise Audollent Actress, The Da Vinci Code
4. Klaus Barbie Klaus Barbie Self, Hôtel Terminus
5. Moana Pozzi Moana Pozzi Actress, Diva Futura - L'avventura dell'amore
6. Jean Bouise Jean Bouise Actor, The Big Blue
7. Philippe Marlaud Philippe Marlaud Actor, The Aviator's Wife
8. Marcel Journet Marcel Journet Actor, Letter from an Unknown Woman
9. Steve Condos Steve Condos Actor, Tap
10. Sylvain Itkine Sylvain Itkine Actor, La Grande Illusion
11. Edmond Audran Edmond Audran Actor, The Tales of Hoffmann
12. Andrée Lumière Andrée Lumière Self, Baby's Dinner
13. Maggy Dussauchoy Maggy Dussauchoy Actress, The Children of the Marshland
14. Philippe Faure Philippe Faure Actor, Too Beautiful for You
15. John McGrew John McGrew Animation Department, The Aristo-Cat
16. Armand Chagot Armand Chagot Actor, Man on the Train
17. Mrs. Auguste Lumiere Mrs. Auguste Lumiere Self, Baby's Dinner
18. Max Schoendorff Max Schoendorff Production Designer, From Today Until Tomorrow
19. Odette Barencey Odette Barencey Actress, Casque d'Or
20. Pierre Cochereau Pierre Cochereau Music Department, Au bout des fusils
21. Jean-Noël Gayte Jean-Noël Gayte Actor, The Cage
22. Max Roire Max Roire Actor, Le pape des escargots
23. Ninon Vallin Ninon Vallin Actress, Ceux de demain
24. Madeleine Koehler Madeleine Koehler Self, La petite fille et son chat
25. Roger Couderc Roger Couderc Actor, Le gros coup
26. Abel Tarride Abel Tarride Actor, The Yellow Dog
26 names.