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1. Henry Gibson Henry Gibson Actor, Wedding Crashers Henry Gibson was born on 21 September 1935 in Germantown, Pennsylvnia. Before appearing in films and television series, he was a child star on the stage during the 1940s and during the late 1950s he was an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force. His screen debut came in 1963 when he was cast in the Jerry Lewis film The Nutty Professor...
2. Richard Hillman Richard Hillman Actor, Bring It On
3. John Marley John Marley Actor, The Godfather Veteran character actor John Marley was one of those familiar but nameless faces that television and filmgoers did not take a shine to until the late 1960s, when he had hit middle age. Distinctive for his craggy face, dark bushy brows and upswept silvery hair, his life (born in 1907) started out amid tough surroundings in Harlem...
4. Dennis Stewart Dennis Stewart Actor, Grease
5. Charlotte Greenwood Charlotte Greenwood Actress, Oklahoma! Tall, elastic-jointed nightclub dancer and zany comedienne, later in films, whose trademark was her high kick. Her eccentric humor was all the more incongruous on account of her aura of elegance in that fastidiously styled coiffure and those glamorous, magnificently tailored gowns in which she might appear.
6. Fay Spain Fay Spain Actress, The Godfather: Part II She was your typical B-movie drive-in bad girl - sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette, always bodacious. A tease, a taunter and a temptress throughout most her career, Fay Spain was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1932. She headed to New York where she initially found summer stock work and a bit of television exposure...
7. Lilyan Chauvin Lilyan Chauvin Actress, Catch Me If You Can A veteran actress including both leading and supporting roles, Chauvin started on the English stage before moving to America. She is started small roles through the 50s and 60s.
8. William Bramley William Bramley Actor, West Side Story
9. Michael D. Moore Michael D. Moore Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Raiders of the Lost Ark
10. Margaret Field Margaret Field Actress, The Man from Planet X Born Margaret Morlan, for three decades she was featured in films and television under the name Margaret Field and was the mother of two-time Oscar winner actress Sally Field. During World War II, she moved to Pasadena, California, was discovered by a talent scout, took a screen test and was signed to a contract by Paramount Pictures...
11. Harry Caesar Harry Caesar Actor, A Few Good Men
12. Lock Martin Lock Martin Actor, The Day the Earth Stood Still One of the tallest actors ever, he held various odd jobs before his debut on the silver screen. He worked for Spike Jones and his City Slickers, Ardens Dairy (in California,) as a Cowboy for Public Relations and at Knotts Berry Farm, (in California) also as a Cowboy. It was while he was working as a...
13. Bill Baldwin Bill Baldwin Actor, Rocky
14. Herbert Rudley Herbert Rudley Actor, The Court Jester A former Philadelphian, Herbert Rudley left Temple University at the end of his second year, journeyed to New York and won a scholarship with Eva Le Gallienne's Civic Repertory Theatre. He made his first stage appearance in 1928 and went on to appear in many more plays, including the Judith Anderson-Maurice Evans "Macbeth" (with Rudley as Macduff)...
15. Kaye Elhardt Kaye Elhardt Actress, The Crimson Kimono
16. Michael Wilson Michael Wilson Writer, Planet of the Apes
17. Tenen Holtz Tenen Holtz Actor, Show People Elihu "Elye" Tenenholtz was born in the Russian hamlet of Azran, near the city of Rovne, in 1887 and came to the US at the age of ten. His first appearance in amateur Yiddish theatricals occurred in 1903, in staged readings of the works of Yiddish author Sholom Aleichem, the first person to do that...
18. Yvette Duguay Yvette Duguay Actress, Francis Covers the Big Town
19. Tol Avery Tol Avery Actor, All That Heaven Allows
20. Carlena Beard Carlena Beard Actress, Readin' and Writin'
21. Jerry Fujikawa Jerry Fujikawa Actor, Chinatown
22. Natalie Masters Natalie Masters Actress, The Hugga Bunch
23. Charles Seel Charles Seel Actor, Duel Balding, narrow-eyed American character player, a former vaudevillian and radio actor from 1929. Acted in early silent films on the East Coast. Regularly on screen after 1937, he was seen in innumerable small roles as clerks, bartenders and shopkeepers. Most familiar for his recurring role as the telegrapher Barney on TV's Gunsmoke and as newsman Mr. Krinkie in Dennis the Menace.
24. Robert Karvelas Robert Karvelas Actor, Get Smart, Again!
25. Don Kent Don Kent Actor, Bill Bottle's Birthday
26. Harlan Warde Harlan Warde Actor, The Monster That Challenged the World
27. Allan Drake Allan Drake Actor, Brother, Can You Spare an Act?
28. Roger Torrey Roger Torrey Actor, The Plunderers
29. Robert McCord Robert McCord Actor, A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
30. George Sherman George Sherman Director, Big Jake American second feature director George Sherman arrived in California aboard the SS Mongolia (bound from New York City, where he was born), on which he served as a bellboy. Sherman began his career in the movie business in the mail room at Warner Brothers, before working his way up to assistant director...
31. Bob Jellison Bob Jellison Actor, Hollywood at Last
32. Luana Strode Luana Strode Actress, Once Upon a Time in the West
33. Indus Arthur Indus Arthur Actress, General Hospital
34. Russ Grieve Russ Grieve Actor, The Hills Have Eyes
35. John Bleifer John Bleifer Actor, The Mark of Zorro
36. James Beach James Beach Actor, Man, Woman and Child
37. Bobbie 'Cotton' Beard Bobbie 'Cotton' Beard Actor, Hi'-Neighbor!
38. Olga San Juan Olga San Juan Actress, Blue Skies She possessed the same tiny frame and fervid Latin temperament as her Brazilian counterpart, Carmen Miranda, and, for most her career, Puerto Rican singer/dancer Olga San Juan, like Miranda, was a welcome distraction by American audiences. A flavorful, scene-stealing personality who delightfully mangled the English language...
39. Lisa Moore Lisa Moore Actress, Hit Man
40. Milton Parsons Milton Parsons Actor, The Haunted Palace
41. Paul Mace Paul Mace Actor, Search for Tomorrow
42. Ernest B. Schoedsack Ernest B. Schoedsack Director, The Most Dangerous Game
43. Charles C. Wilson Charles C. Wilson Actor, It Happened One Night
44. Christine Larsen Christine Larsen Actress, Valley of Head Hunters Diminutive beauty Christine Larsen (also credited as 'Larson' in some of her early films) had a minor Hollywood career, spanning a mere seven years, from 1948 to 1955. On the rare occasions she was not cast as the perfunctory love interest in B-westerns, opposite the likes of Johnny Mack Brown, she co-starred...
45. William Wiard William Wiard Director, Tom Horn
46. Peter Bromilow Peter Bromilow Actor, Wild at Heart
47. Le Tari Le Tari Actor, The Onion Field
48. Chester Marshall Chester Marshall Actor, The Guest Cottage
49. Arthur Hohl Arthur Hohl Actor, The Scarlet Claw Solemn-demeanored Hollywood character actor in films for two decades from 1929.
50. George Weidler George Weidler Actor, Dimples
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