9 names.

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1. Fern Persons Fern Persons Actress, Field of Dreams
2. Eric Harris Eric Harris Self, Columbine
3. Dylan Klebold Dylan Klebold Uncategorised
4. Keith Aldrich Keith Aldrich Actor, The Bridges at Toko-Ri On January 1, 2000 a Public Radio Show, THIS AMERICAN LIFE, carried a memoir by a daughter of Keith Aldrich, describing his life and how he periodically would leave his family behind to start a new life, usually with a new wife and starting a new family, and the effect that he had on the children of these families as he changed and moved on...
5. Kelly Fleming Kelly Fleming Thanks, Dawn Anna
6. Daniel Mauser Daniel Mauser Thanks, Dawn Anna
7. Cassie Bernall Cassie Bernall Thanks, Dawn Anna
8. Earl Clark Earl Clark Self, Fire on the Mountain
9. Brenda Bond Brenda Bond Actress, Rainbow Riley
9 names.