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1. Soledad Miranda Soledad Miranda Actress, Vampyros Lesbos Soledad Miranda was a Spanish actress who appeared in many films in the 1960s. Her remarkable beauty and her tragic untimely death make her story the stuff of legend. She was born on July 9, 1943 in Seville, Spain. She started her career when only eight years old as a flamenco dancer and singer. She made her film debut at age sixteen as a dancer...
2. João César Monteiro João César Monteiro Actor, A Comédia de Deus Born in Figueira da Foz, a cosmopolitan beach resort, moved to Lisbon at the age of 15. In 1963 studies cinema at London School of Technique and starts his first movie at 1965 only concluded five years later. "Silvestre" from Portuguese short stories was presented at Venice Film Festival, where he returns with "Souvenirs from the Yellow House - Recordações da Casa Amarela" and wins the Silver Lion...
3. Carlos Lopez Carlos Lopez Stunts, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
4. Nicolau Breyner Nicolau Breyner Actor, Louco Amor
5. Philippe Cousteau Sr. Philippe Cousteau Sr. Director, Voyage au bout du monde Philippe Sr. was born in Toulon, France just about the time his father Jacques Cousteau was inventing the Aqualung (or scuba tank as it is more commonly known) that would allow human kind to explore the oceans freely for the first time. At the age of four years wearing a miniature aqualung he had entered the sea behind his father...
6. Amália Rodrigues Amália Rodrigues Self, The Art of Amália Amália Rodrigues was born in Lisbon, Portugal July 23rd, 1920 to a poor and numerous family. Since her childhood she showed a talent for singing although she debuted formally in 1939 at 19 years old, becoming a great popular success. During World War II she carried out long tours for Spain and Brazil and she obtained in 1945 her first great musical success with the song "Ai Mouraria"...
7. Charles Rosher Charles Rosher Cinematographer, Sunrise Among the foremost technical innovators in his field, a charter member of the American Society of Cinematographers, English-born Charles Rosher had initially aimed for a diplomatic career. Fortunately, he chose a different career option and attended lessons in photography at the London Polytechnic in Regent Street...
8. Brian Hankins Brian Hankins Actor, Who Killed Menna Lorraine?
9. Tiago Ortis Tiago Ortis Actor, Amo-te Papá
10. Tamara Tamara Actress, Sweet Surrender Tamara [Drasin], a native of Sorochintzy, in the Ukraine. Attended elementary school and Hunter College in New York City. After appearing in a 1927 revue called "The New Yorkers" (not the Cole Porter show) she played many Russian Restaurants in Manhattan, notably the Gypsy Tavern and the Kretchma. She...
11. José Leitão de Barros José Leitão de Barros Director, Camões
12. António Silva António Silva Actor, O Leão da Estrela
13. Nuno Melo Nuno Melo Actor, Doce Tentação
14. Eusébio Eusébio Self, Eusébio, la Pantera Negra
15. António de Macedo António de Macedo Director, A Maldição do Marialva
16. António Lopes Ribeiro António Lopes Ribeiro Director, The Tyrannical Father
17. António Feio António Feio Actor, Verão Quente
18. Fernando Lopes Fernando Lopes Director, O Delfim
19. Carlos Daniel Carlos Daniel Actor, Desencontros
20. João Bénard da Costa João Bénard da Costa Actor, The Convent
21. Rui Gomes Rui Gomes Actor, Os Verdes Anos
22. Antonio Tabucchi Antonio Tabucchi Writer, According to Pereira
23. Francisco Ribeiro Francisco Ribeiro Actor, The Courtyard of the Ballads
24. Nascimento Fernandes Nascimento Fernandes Actor, Aniki Bóbó
25. Fernanda Borsatti Fernanda Borsatti Actress, Amanhecer
26. José Fonseca e Costa José Fonseca e Costa Director, A Mulher do Próximo
27. Camilo de Oliveira Camilo de Oliveira Actor, Camilo Em Sarilhos
28. Tony De Matos Tony De Matos Actor, Derrapagem
29. Carlos Wallenstein Carlos Wallenstein Actor, Manhã Submersa
30. Henry Fielding Henry Fielding Writer, Tom Jones Henry Fielding was born April 22nd 1707, the son of Edmund Fielding, an impoverished nobleman who spent most of his time in and out of various debtor's prisons. After the death of their mother, Henry and his seven siblings were taken in by their maternal grandmother. He was a wild and willful young man...
31. Artur Semedo Artur Semedo Actor, Malteses, burgueses e às vezes...
32. Licinio Sena Licinio Sena Actor, O Grande Elias
33. Glicínia Quartin Glicínia Quartin Actress, A Caixa
34. Luis Andrade Luis Andrade Director, Gente Fina É Outra Coisa
35. Tom Hardy Tom Hardy Actor, Passagem por Lisboa
36. Henrique Viana Henrique Viana Actor, Sonhos Traídos
37. Henrique Santos Henrique Santos Actor, Médico de Família
38. Clara Rocha Clara Rocha Actress, A Luz Verde
39. Tony D'Algy Tony D'Algy Actor, Boda en el infierno Tony d'Algy was born in Angola, then a Portuguese colony, of a Spanish mother and Portuguese father, which gave him the Portuguese nationality, and a Spanish accent. Some say he was registered later as António Soares Infante. He played opposite 'Rodolfo Valentino' in Monsieur Beaucaire and A Sainted Devil in bit parts...
40. Pedro Hestnes Pedro Hestnes Actor, Em Segunda Mão
41. Raul Solnado Raul Solnado Actor, Lá em Casa Tudo Bem
42. Silvestre Alegrim Silvestre Alegrim Actor, A Canção de Lisboa One of the Portuguese theatre's most distinctive comedians, Silvestre Alegrim, born in 1881, performed in plays, operettas and revues, from the age of ten (when he became a child actor with the Chavas Companhia Infantil) to his death in 1946 (after a last triumph in "Charley's Aunt"). His contribution...
43. Manuel Guimarães Manuel Guimarães Director, Vidas Sem Rumo
44. Pedro Alpiarça Pedro Alpiarça Actor, Fábrica de Anedotas
45. Luís Pinhão Luís Pinhão Actor, The House of the Spirits
46. Armando Cortez Armando Cortez Actor, Filhos do Vento
47. Fernanda de Castro Fernanda de Castro Writer, Rapsódia Portuguesa
48. António Silva António Silva Self, Culinária
49. José Boavida José Boavida Actor, Bem-Vindos a Beirais
50. Mário Soares Mário Soares Self, Entrada de Portugal na CEE
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