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1. Nikolay Cherkasov Nikolay Cherkasov Actor, Alexander Nevsky Nikolai Konstantinovich Cherkasov was born on July 27, 1903, in St. Petersburg, Russia. His birth was complicated and he had to be pulled by the head with forceps that left permanent marks and visible impressions on his head. His father, Konstantin Aleksandrovich Cherkasov, was an official at the Imperial Department of Railroads of Russia...
2. Grigori Kozintsev Grigori Kozintsev Director, Hamlet Grigori Mikhailovich Kozintsev was born on March 22, 1905, in Kiev, Russian Empire (now Kiev, Ukraine). His father, named Mikhail Kozintsev, was a medical doctor. Young Kozintsev studied at the Kiev Gymnazium. There, in 1919, he organized experimental theatre "Arlekin" together with his fellow students Sergei Yutkevich and Aleksei Kapler...
3. Fridrikh Ermler Fridrikh Ermler Director, Great Citizen
4. Aleksei Smirnov Aleksei Smirnov Actor, Operatsiya 'Y' i drugie priklyucheniya Shurika
5. Nikita Mikhaylovsky Nikita Mikhaylovsky Actor, Love and Lies
6. Pavel Kadochnikov Pavel Kadochnikov Actor, Ivan the Terrible, Part II
7. Sergei Esenin Sergei Esenin Writer, Yar
8. Marfa Lapkina Marfa Lapkina Actress, Old and New
9. Vadim Medvedev Vadim Medvedev Actor, Hamlet Vadim Medvededv was born Vladimir Aleksandrovich Medvedev on April 28, 1929, in Yalta, Crimea province, Ukraine, USSR (now Ukraine). In 1949, he graduated from the Acting Studio of Moscow Chamber Theatre under directorship of Aleksandr Tairov. From 1952-1966 he was a permanent member of the troupe of Pushkin Drama Theatre in St...
10. Aleksandr Ivanov Aleksandr Ivanov Director, Zhurnal politsatiry No. 2
11. Aleksandr Vertinskiy Aleksandr Vertinskiy Actor, The White Countess Aleksandr Verrtinsky was a famous Russian actor, singer and songwriter who suffered traumatic experience during the Russian Revolution of 1917, and expressed himself through acting, singing and songwriting. Vertinsky created a cross-genre style of his own, by blending such styles as Russian folk-song with French chanson and American stand-up comedy...
12. Nikolai Simonov Nikolai Simonov Actor, Peter the First Nikolai Konstantionovich Simonov was born on December 4, 1901, in Samara, Russian Empire. His father, named Konstantin Simonov, was a manager of a local food industry. Young Simonov read voraciously and dreamed about acting in theatre. From 1917-1919 he studied art at Samara School of Art and Design...
13. Sergey Filippov Sergey Filippov Actor, Twelve Chairs
14. Aleksandr Larikov Aleksandr Larikov Actor, Morskoy batalion
15. Yefim Kopelyan Yefim Kopelyan Actor, Neulovimye mstiteli Efim Zakharovich Kopelian (Yefim Kopelyan) was born on April 12, 1912, in Rechitsa, Gomel province, Russian Empire (now Rechytsa, Homel province, Belarus). He studied architecture at the Academy of Arts in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), but after a year he dropped out of college and joined the stunts at the Bolshoi Drama Theatre (BDT)...
16. Sergey Boyarskiy Sergey Boyarskiy Actor, Noyev kovcheg Sergei Boyarsky was a Russian character actor at the Theatre of Komissarzhevskoi in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was born Sergei Aleksandrovich Boyarsky on 31 December 1916, in St. Petersburg, Russia. His father, Aleksander Boyarsky, was a Russian Orthodox priest who was executed by the communists during the Great Purge of 1937 under the dictatorship of 'joseph Stalin'...
17. Evgeniy Shvarts Evgeniy Shvarts Writer, 12 stulyev
18. Vladimir Gajdarov Vladimir Gajdarov Actor, Die Gezeichneten
19. Valentina Kibardina Valentina Kibardina Actress, Yunost Maksima
20. Karl Eliasberg Karl Eliasberg Music Department, Solntse svetit vsem Karl Eliasberg was a Russian music director known for the legendary performance of the Shostakovich's Seventh Symphony in 1942 during the deadly Siege of Leningrad. He was born Karl Ilyich Eliasberg on June 10th, 1907, in Minsk, Russia. The family moved to St. Petersburg/Leningrad. There young Eliasberg went to the St...
21. Aleksandr Borisov Aleksandr Borisov Actor, Mussorgsky Aleksandr Fedorovich Borisov was born on May 1, 1905, in St. Petersburg, Russia. His father was an industrial worker. Young Borisov was fond of theatre and participated in school drama club. In 1927 he graduated from the class of Yuri Yuryev at the Leningrad Theatre-Studio. Borisov had also a stellar career as a stage actor...
22. Vladimir Gardin Vladimir Gardin Actor, Slesar i kantsler
23. Daniil Kharms Daniil Kharms Writer, Pád
24. Pavel Petrov-Bytov Pavel Petrov-Bytov Director, Povorot
25. Semyon Timoshenko Semyon Timoshenko Director, Nebesnyy tikhokhod
26. Vladimir Fetin Vladimir Fetin Director, Striped Trip
27. Vahram Papazyan Vahram Papazyan Actor, Qiz qalasi Since 1907 played in theatres of Istanbul. In 1922 repatriated to Armenia, Soviet Union. From 1922 to 1953 toured with different Armenian and Russian theatre companies. Since 1954 until his death was the leading star of Sundukyan Academic Theatre, Yerevan, Armenia. Became famous as one of leading Shakespeare performers, particularly by the role of Othello. Had occasional roles in cinema.
28. Konstantin Adashevsky Konstantin Adashevsky Actor, Gorya boyatsya: schastya ne vidat Konstantin Adashevsky was a Russian character actor with the Pushkin (Aleksandrinsky) Drama Theatre in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). He was born Konstantin Ignatevich Adashevsky on April 11, 1897, near Kalisz, Poland. His father, Ignaty Adashevsky, was Polish. The family moved to St. Petersburg, Russia...
29. Iosif Shapiro Iosif Shapiro Director, King Lear
30. Leonid Lukov Leonid Lukov Director, K novomu beregu
31. Boris Zhukovsky Boris Zhukovsky Actor, Front
32. Andrei Kostrichkin Andrei Kostrichkin Actor, Novyy Vavilon
33. Sergei Gurzo Sergei Gurzo Actor, The Horsemen
34. Nikolai Korn Nikolai Korn Actor, The Turning Point
35. Olga Lebzak Olga Lebzak Actress, Pirogov Olga Yakovlevna Lebzak was born on October 23, 1914, in St. Petersburg, Russia (now Leningrad). From 1931 - 1935 she studied acting and directing at the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, graduating in 1935 as an actress and director. From 1935-1942 Lebzak was a member of the Leningrad Drama Theatre. In 1947 she made her film debut in a supporting role in Pirogov (1947) by director Grigori Kozintsev...
36. Yuri German Yuri German Writer, Verte mne, lyudi
37. Vladimir Chestnokov Vladimir Chestnokov Actor, 713 prosit posadku
38. Semyon Mejnkin Semyon Mejnkin Art Director, Great Citizen
39. Mikhail Shapiro Mikhail Shapiro Director, Cinderella
40. Eduard Ioganson Eduard Ioganson Director, Naslednyy prints respubliki
41. Panteleymon Krymov Panteleymon Krymov Actor, The Lady with the Dog
42. Adolf Bergunker Adolf Bergunker Director, Sledy na snegu
43. Dmitriy Meskhiev Dmitriy Meskhiev Cinematographer, The Lady with the Dog
44. Anatoliy Granik Anatoliy Granik Director, Maksim Perepelitsa
45. Anatoly Korolkevich Anatoly Korolkevich Actor, Mister Iks
46. Mikhail Gipsi Mikhail Gipsi Actor, Zolotoy klyuv
47. Yevgeni Mravinsky Yevgeni Mravinsky Producer, Leningrad Concert Hall Yeveni (Evgeni) Aleksandrovich Mravinsky was born on June 4, 1903, in St. Petersburg, Russia. his father, named Aleksandr Konstantinovich Mravinsky, belonged to the Russian Nobility and was a General to the Tsar Nicholas II. His mother, named Elizaveta Nikolaevna (nee Filkova), belonged to the landed Russian Gentry...
48. Aleksandr Kuprin Aleksandr Kuprin Writer, Gion no shimai
49. Ivan Solovyov Ivan Solovyov Actor, Formula pamyati
50. Mike Naumenko Mike Naumenko Soundtrack, Hipsters
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