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1. Jay Velie Jay Velie Self, Jay Velie in Songs of Love
2. Connie Rasinski Connie Rasinski Director, The Deputy Dawg Show
3. Julius Horwitz Julius Horwitz Writer, Natural Enemies
4. Bob Kuwahara Bob Kuwahara Director, Hashimoto-San
5. Harold Hastings Harold Hastings Music Department, Something for Everyone Composer, conductor and author, educated at NYU, who composed much background music and a number of musical commercials. He directed a number of radio and television orchestras and music for a number of Broadway musicals including "Top Banana", "Damn Yankees", "The Pajama Game", "Once Upon a Mattress"...
6. William Cayton William Cayton Producer, A Journey to the Beginning of Time
7. Frederick Upham Adams Frederick Upham Adams Writer, The Bottom of the Well
8. Raymond Paige Raymond Paige Actor, Hawaii Calls
9. Walter Lister Walter Lister Producer, What's It All About?
10. Carl Mydans Carl Mydans Self, Odyssey of Life
11. Suzy Geller-Wolf Suzy Geller-Wolf Producer, Dirty Jobs
12. Michael Harrington Michael Harrington Self, Firing Line
13. Robert J. Crean Robert J. Crean Writer, Westinghouse Presents: Come Again to Carthage
14. Abe Mandell Abe Mandell Miscellaneous Crew, Seagull Island
14 names.