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1. Molly Picon Molly Picon Actress, Fiddler on the Roof The little "yente" with the big, expressive talent, New York-born Yiddish icon Molly Picon entertained theater, radio, TV and film audiences for over seven decades (from age 6) with her song-and-dance routines while helping to popularize the Yiddish culture into the American mainstream as well as overseas...
2. José Greco José Greco Self, The José Greco Flamenco Specials: Part One
3. Lydia Bruce Lydia Bruce Actress, Episode dated 19 March 1979
4. Jean Sothern Jean Sothern Actress, Peg o' the Sea
5. Steve Van Buren Steve Van Buren Actor, Triple Threat
6. Dick Dudley Dick Dudley Actor, Remember This Date
7. Jean Sothern Jean Sothern Actress, Down the Wyoming Trail
8. Sam S. Fiedel Sam S. Fiedel Composer, Sin in the Suburbs
9. Richard Gehman Richard Gehman Self, Episode #3.98
10. Steve Centola Steve Centola Self, None Without Sin
11. Jimmy Sheckard Jimmy Sheckard Self, World Series Baseball Game
12. Leo Houck Leo Houck Actor, Jack and Jill
13. Dick Ensslen Dick Ensslen Actor, Lady Liberty
14. Wendall Woodbury Wendall Woodbury Actor, The Pope of Utah
14 names.